Implementation and methods of application of artificial intelligence (AI, AI). iTizzi, Ukraine


Artificial intelligence systems learn from their mistakes so they don’t repeat them twice. The potential of this technology is seen not only by entrepreneurs but also by governmental and non-governmental organizations. Already today, many industries are using systems based on artificial intelligence. According to the data, in 2019 chatbots (26%) and programs for analyzing financial transactions and detecting fraud (21%) accounted for the largest percentage of solutions using AI. Also, iTizzi Software Development Company often creates virtual assistants and object recognition applications for companies from Dnipro and Lviv. Artificial intelligence is used in many solutions in Eastern Europe, so it is impossible to list them all. Below we present just a few of them.

Creation of chatbots for business in Kiev

A chatbot is a computer program that answers customer questions and has a conversation with them. For this reason, this solution is often referred to as a virtual assistant or advisor. The system recognizes the question and tries to select the most appropriate answer from the database. If the program does not understand the question asked, it asks the user what he or she is talking about, asks for a more precise statement, and thus learns to know how to answer a similar question in the future. It should be remembered that chatbots only have knowledge in a certain area, for example, in an area related to a company or a product being sold, which they obtain from their own databases, as well as from external sources, including websites and search engines. systems. The biggest advantage of this solution is the ability to have many conversations at the same time at any time of the day or night. When a program communicates with users via text messages, it is a chatbot. Voice bot development is a variation of this system, namely solutions that conduct conversations with customers, so they often run hotlines. Chatbots are used not only in the e-commerce industry to provide information and sell products, but in other areas as well. Chatbots are also used during marketing campaigns. Their job is to send you promotional offers and discount coupons. It is worth emphasizing that more and more companies decide to hold tenders using this communication channel. The decision will not only accept all applications but also analyze them, select the winners and inform them of the victory.

Development of recommendation systems, creation of an application for building recommendations in Odessa

Recommendation systems are built on the basis of algorithms used in machine learning. The program learns about the behavior of the client on the website, analyzes his choice, and thus personalizes the offer according to his needs. The recommendation system selects and recommends to the consumer those products that he likes. The program works based on the analysis of the previous activity and preferences of the client. These types of tools are most commonly used in the e-commerce industry to increase sales.

Most often, we deal with the development of recommendation systems based on joint filtering, the similarity of customer or product characteristics (content filtering), or with solutions that combine elements from both programs (hybrid). Collaborative filtering is based on the collection and analysis of customer behavior data. Once you learn about consumer preferences, you can quickly create a list of recommended foods for people with similar tastes and preferences.

Creation of search engines

About a dozen years ago, search engines used an artificial list of synonyms and matched the search results to the entered phrase. This process is now being automated and replaced by artificial intelligence solutions. The most popular search engine in the world is, of course, the Google search engine, which processes several billion queries every day. To improve and speed up the search process, Google created RankBrain, an artificial intelligence-based system that supports the search engine’s algorithm. RankBrain not only recognizes keywords but also identifies the context of the question and the user’s intent so that it better matches search results to queries. The solution uses machine learning and, based on typed phrases, tries to understand and combine different semantic expressions with similar intentions.

Development of an object recognition program in Vinnytsia

Object recognition systems analyze photographs and determine what is depicted on them. Google Lens is a free application that recognizes objects, buildings, animals, or landmarks from photographs and displays basic information about them. Besides object recognition, there are many programs for recognizing text, sound, voice, face, or emotion. Facial recognition systems are often used in banking to verify the identity of customers and in forensic medicine to identify criminals. Such solutions are used in other areas as well.