Custom Software & Web Development

We enable progressive companies to transform, scale and gain a competitive advantage through the expert supply of innovative, specially designed software.


What makes us different from other online business service providers? Why it is worth choosing the Ukrainian development and programming company iTizzi Software Development Company (Ukraine, Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Eastern Europe)?

We always put customer requirements and needs first. Our solutions will meet all customer expectations within the set budget.

Each program code located on the client’s servers is checked and analyzed many times in terms of quality and accepted standards.

Response time is very often a key element of any IT project, so we strive to ensure that the response time to questions, as well as the time required to fix errors, is minimal.

Continuous development, participation in conferences and training means that we use the latest technologies and solutions in our work.

We treat each client individually and one is the most important for us. Our experienced programmers offer help and advice for every idea and problem.

Web Development of services, systems (Python, PHP, Go, Java, JavaScript)

We can sort websites in dozens of ways: beautiful and not, modern and outdated, colorful and black and white, dynamic and static, etc. However, from our point of view (apart from aesthetic considerations, of course) the most important criterion is that the website should reflect the nature of the business and at the same time be transparent. The last feature is very often neglected.

Standards are evolving extremely dynamically, with changes occurring almost constantly. Users are becoming accustomed to higher quality presentations, and competitors, regardless of industry, are adopting new techniques to attract customers. When creating a website, you need to understand one thing – this is just the beginning of a big adventure. A website is just a tool and how you use it, how you design it, is entirely up to you.

Our offer for website development with Python, PHP, Go, Java, JavaScript includes:

What is included in the services of the company iTizzi in Ukraine, Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Eastern Europe?

The front end is all that you can see and work with through your browser. Therefore, the front-end is the development of the visual part of the website. You can even call the designers who create the user interfaces – the interface designers, as they work together on the same project. To build the development interface, engineers use a combination of HTML, CSS (for the visual aspect), and JavaScript (for creating interactive pages). However, the back-end is everything that is going on in the background. It contains the servers that host the application, as well as the logic, that consolidates the app. This piece is built with the help of the number of technologies, including Java, PHP, Ruby, C #, and JavaScript. Also, our company is engaged in the Full-stack Web development, programming, and implementation of the CMS system, e-commerce, and web application development.

Two Collaboration Models for Web Development. Which one will you choose?