Staff Augmentation & Managed Projects


Professional outsourcing of IT services provides the benefits associated with flexible access to a carefully selected team of consultants and programmers, as well as effective solutions to problems with the acquisition of skills and expertise that are scarce in the labor market. Working with us, you can focus on the key tasks of your organization, develop and solve the challenges of digital transformation, while using the highest quality IT services, without having to incur the costs associated with human resources, salaries, and changes in the structure of the company. Get access to the knowledge and skills of IT specialists, as well as entire project teams performing their tasks on-site, that is, directly on your premises or outside it – in the company of a software developer iTizzi (Ukraine, Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Eastern Europe).

Comprehensive software development services (Python, PHP, Go, C ++, C #, Java, JavaScript) and IT consulting

Regardless of the profile of your company, we will adjust the form of technological support in accordance with your needs and jointly defined project requirements. Thanks to cooperation with our specialists, you will get access to the latest IT solutions, specialized know-how, as well as a guarantee of high-quality software. We offer support in the field of IT outsourcing services that help in the professional implementation of key technology projects. We provide the ability to build applications based on modern software implementation methodologies such as DevOps, and we create systems architecture based on cloud solutions.
Thanks to the knowledge of our experts and extensive experience in the IT industry, we can provide full professional services, including Outsourcing of specialized IT competencies, outsourcing of project teams, Digital transformation (IT Transformation), Implementation support, Consulting (IT Consulting).

Our experience and industry knowledge enables us to offer solutions that meet the needs of both the employee and the client. Our highest standards in the recruitment process are confirmed by the success of our clients.

iTizzi Software Development Company offers professional IT outsourcing, incl. DevOps Engineer Services: Programmers, Web Developer Consultants, Business Analysts, macOS Administrators, DevOps Engineers, Mobile Developers, Technical Team Leaders, Project Leaders, Software Testers.
We offer a comprehensive project implementation – from analysis, development, and implementation of special software to consultations and post-implementation. Our programmers will take care of the development of a specific stage of your project or provide technical support to your IT team. We always care about quality, therefore we base our project activities on the developed management methodology – we combine flexible methodologies and a traditional approach to project implementation.

Body leasing or employee outsourcing?

Depending on the needs of companies and the type of clients’ business, our specialists support software development projects within the framework of the corporate leasing and IT competency outsourcing model. In both cases, collaboration involves the performance of specific tasks by programmers or other professionals. We use proven methods, thanks to which we can quickly find employees with certain competencies. We enable our partners to reap tangible benefits in terms of reduced project lead times, including savings in administrative costs and hiring in a highly competitive market. The key element that distinguishes employee leasing from IT outsourcing is the settlement model and team management method. In the first case, the work of programmers is calculated in the same way as employees working in the contractor company. It’s the same with management. The customer is also responsible for working and non-productive time. In the outsourcing model, the company pays only for the time spent on completing the assigned tasks and does not incur non-production costs. The supplier assumes the costs of creating and equipping the workplace, as well as costs associated with increased wages, vacations, or training of employees.

IT outsourcing – 8 benefits:

I. Cost reduction;
II. Lack of staffing problems;
III. Saving time;
IV. Access to the latest technology;
V. Experienced staff, which guarantees high results;
VI. Certified specialists;
VII. Reducing the risk of an accident;
VIII. Services perfectly tailored to your needs.


IT outsourcing has many benefits that can both stimulate collaboration with a company. Given the number and severity of the various aspects, outsourcing is worth using. This allows you to improve the work of the company and eliminate financial risks. Internships with specialists and the opportunity to learn something new are some of the main advantages of IT companies. All of this outweighs the additional costs and risks that need to be taken.