Why do international companies choose the Ukrainian iTizzi Software Development Company for the development of the IT sphere? Kyiv, Odesa, Ukraine


With an abundance of highly qualified engineers, the country has become a leading software provider in Western and Eastern Europe. Ukrainian software companies offer a rich list of advantages that can be divided into four groups: location, workforce, approach to work, and national mentality. We researched these advantages in order to understand the essence of the software development outsourcing market in Ukraine!

Ukrainian location

Suitable time zone

The Ukrainian time zone is just an hour ahead of European countries and overlaps with the Australian and American time zones, so you can contact the third-party development team without major changes to your own work schedule. Ukraine’s location allows for improved operational monitoring and simplifies communication and project control.

Hiring Opportunities

The absence of strict legal restrictions makes Ukraine one of the best countries for outsourcing web and mobile development. Despite all the political instability, the Ukrainian software market is growing rapidly. At the moment, this is the only sector of the Ukrainian economy that is immune to political and economic fluctuations.

There are no strict requirements for obtaining a visa

Easy to apply and obtain a work / residence permit for foreigners. Ukraine is the largest country in Eastern Europe. Since it is located at the crossroads of trade routes Europe – Russia – Central Asia – Middle East, the country seems to be the ideal place to create a control center that controls all business activities in the region.

Western orientation

The Ukrainian software industry is focused on the US, EU and Australian markets. Large software development companies in Ukraine have partnerships with recognized brands and leaders of the Internet industry. They partner with Microsoft, Skype, Deutsche Bank, Apple, Bosch, eBay, Dell, Microsoft and IBM.

Software development companies in Ukraine

Software development company iTizzi Software Development Company creates web applications and mobile applications. Despite the 2020 crisis, the Ukrainian IT industry has escaped massive bankruptcies. The number of software development companies in Ukraine is growing steadily. Currently, there are more than 1600 software development service companies operating in Ukraine. Most of them, like iTizzi, work with clients around the world, resulting in significant export surpluses for the Ukrainian IT industry. With the overall growth of the sector, so does the variety of available companies offering different services.

Where are the majority of software development companies in Ukraine located?

According to the data, there are five main IT clusters in which most of the software development companies in Ukraine are located: Kiev, Vinnytsia, Lvov, Dnipro and Odessa.

All of the above cities have huge reserves of talent, but over 40% of all software development companies in Ukraine are located in Kiev. By the way, about 73% of all Ukrainian software developers are now outsourcing.

Ukrainian company iTizzi is a technology IT partner for international business

We are a software development company that offers IT services in several categories. We create individual systems that help in the work and develop the business of our clients. As a Software Development House company, we solve technology and performance problems with a flexible and efficient approach to your tasks, saving you the hassle.