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 Sometimes they accompany the entire design process, and sometimes they are only part of it. In the article below, we will show which principles we follow in our daily work and how the full process of creating an application, developing UX / UI design for your company can take place: from developing a strategy together with product stakeholders to research, testing, implementation and collaboration with the team. developers of iTizzi, Kiev.

What is UX?

UX is all user experience that is created during contact with a service or product. In particular, this is the user’s emotional reaction, which affects his internal state and behavior. It depends on the recipient, the product / service and the context of use that is created at each moment of interaction, especially in the case of multi-channel (i.e. the distribution of the product / service across multiple channels, for example, a mobile device application and a web application).

A well-designed UX requires several things. One of the most important factors that designers care about is persuasion, that is, the ability to influence user attitudes through a properly directed process. If we create a pleasant experience for the user with our services or products, we can establish a good and long-term relationship with them.

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Each of us uses digital products. We press the button and after 5 minutes a taxi arrives, another button and we are already opening the door handle. The telephone is more often used for managing life and payments than making a call. But it was not always so. Customers have changed their behaviors as mobile and web apps become more user-friendly.

This is what our UX design team does. Our customers encourage us to create apps that need to be more user-friendly than competing apps or consumer routines.

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The more functionality it contains, the more difficult it is to create a useful digital product. To manage the project, in addition to talent, we use solid knowledge from two areas – UX and requirements development. A useful product design is half the battle. The other half implements and associates the developed interface with requirements, source code, and tests.

A good interface is one in which the user does not need to think, it prevents user errors, does not surprise and does not waste the user’s time. To do this, while designing the interface, we combine all the steps into one logical whole.

We sketch out individual screens of the interface and then execute them in Figma or Sketch. They reflect the logic of the application, the functionality, design the information architecture and explain each message (UX Writing).

We combine the screens of the interface into one whole in accordance with the developed scheme and logic. Thus, an interactive prototype is created, which we provide to the customer and users for testing.

We will define achievable goals or objectives to be achieved with the product. We will describe the attributes of a digital product and its features required to meet the user’s needs.

We will define the behavior of the product. We will describe what programmers must implement so that users can perform their actions and the program responds to their commands.

We will describe the developed product in the documentation in accordance with a special convention. This will allow the team of programmers to start working immediately, and the customer can expect the implementation of a specific effect.

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