Top software development company in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company


About company

 The iTizzi Custom Software Development Company team is committed to technology and innovation, while delivering the highest quality service and driving the growth of its customers.  The company’s experienced professionals turn business ideas into IT products that help customers thrive.

Customized software development solutions

 iTizzi Custom Software Development Company is a pioneer in providing custom software development services using a wide variety of languages, frameworks, cutting edge technologies and innovative tools to provide optimal solutions and solutions to complex problems associated with them.  With advanced technology and extensive knowledge, the firm ensures compliance with industry-specific regulations and an assessment of all associated risks.

 The company not only works to bridge the technical gap between itself and its customers, but also makes their dreams come true.  A passionate team creates customized software solutions tailored to their customers ‘needs, meeting their specific requirements and moving confidently towards their customers’ goals.  By addressing vulnerabilities and offering a scalable solution, the company helps customers seamlessly expand their business operations.  Our company is one of the leading software development companies in the Ukrainian market.

 Modern mobile application development service

 Mobile app development is a reliable way to stay competitive in the market.  In any industry, this is critical to connect audiences and better engage with customers.  iTizzi Custom Software Development Company has a team of experts working together to create mobile apps that serve customers and pave the way for them to achieve their goals.  To create intuitive, secure, fast, feature-rich and user-friendly mobile apps with positive experiences, the team promises to seamlessly transform their customers’ businesses.

 The iTizzi Custom Software Development Company team has extensive experience with iOS and Android and ensures quality mobile app development for its customers’ niche.  Developers are experts in Swift, Unity, Objective-C, Android SDK, Java, NDK, responsive design to take your business to the next level.  The company ranks among the development of mobile applications in Kharkov, Dnipro, Kiev and provides exceptional services that exceed the usual execution.

 Web development

 A website is an extension of the digital experience that helps businesses connect with their most potential customers.  Therefore, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company creates and maintains web development solutions to help clients expand their digital experience around the world.  To provide internal and external support, the company has a team of experienced web developers who strive to offer the best possible experience.  Experienced developers use their potential to create unique web solutions using languages ​​such as Java, NODE.JS, PHP, React, Python, Angular and many more.

Top software development company in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

Our development process

 Step 1

 Business analysts at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company collect business requirements regarding project objectives, product specifications, and potential users.  The result is a Software Requirements Specification (SRS).

 Step 2

 At this stage of web development, our specialists define the requirements for software, hardware and system, determine the overall architecture of the system.  We create sketches, layouts and wireframes for detailed product visualization.

 Step 3


 This is the main part of the project in terms of development.  This phase includes your own coding and unit testing by the web development team.  For large projects, our business managers divide the development process into several release parts in order to show the client all intermediate results in real time.  The finished product is tested.

 Step 4

 Quality assurance engineers at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company test the product to ensure it works according to predefined requirements.  This can be done manually or through automated testing.  Our experts conduct testing at all levels: modular, integration, system, graduation.  In addition, we divide it into functional, non-functional, and change-related.

 Step 5

 At this stage of web development, the product is provided to the customer with a complete package of documentation, including a description of the system and a user manual.

 Step 6

 ITizzi Custom Software Development Company web development specialists handle change requests from users or customers of the product being developed.  This is one of the ways to expand functionality, remove obsolete elements and optimize the system.

 The iTizzi Custom Software Development Company team strives to push new frontiers every day by developing interactive and cloud-centric web development solutions.  With its state-of-the-art solutions and solid methodology, the iTizzi Custom Software Development Company team provides the best user experience.  Consistent delivery with a focused approach will soon position our company as the leading web development company in Ukraine.

 Our web development company will create, maintain and enhance your digital experience with high quality web application development services tailored to your business needs.  With the server-side and front-end web development that we provide, you can achieve any business goal faster than your competitors.  If you choose our custom web development service, you will receive flexible web applications and sites built using the most up-to-date and reliable technologies.

 By choosing a company with extensive experience in web development, you are choosing a modern web solution to provide the best user experience for your clients.

 We are implementing the latest web development trends for 2022 to increase website engagement and grow your business.

 The modern world is steadily evolving, and new web technologies appear every day.  These new trends offer many opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to attract more users and remain competitive in the marketplace.

 What are the main trends in website development in 2022 to consider?  In a highly competitive market like digital, it is important to anticipate and adapt to change.  Check out the next web trends next year and head off the decade!

 PWA is no longer a phenomenon.  But, they have delayed the interest of current designers and investors due to their potential to provide an approximate quality of collaboration with people, close to the native type of application.

 In 2019, 65% of online shopping orders through the web were made from mobile.  The growing urge to develop PWA sites enables users to explore their favorite pages in a mobile browser or computer without having to download various applications or computer programs.  PWAs in 2022 will be written using HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React or Angular.

 For whom might these web technologies be important?  E-commerce, news platforms, companies with low development budgets, and those looking to reach a large audience without losing it in the app download phase need to be very careful now.

 What does a web development perspective look like?  Many believe that next year bots will become more self-taught and will easily match the needs and actions of a particular user.  This indicates that bots working 24/7 can replace support managers and save money for many companies.

 In the coming decade, chatbots will remain the most prevalent tool for serving people and become a major industry in digital development.

 The rise of bots will also affect web design, most notably UX.  The most important benefits of AI-powered bots are the potential for 24/7 problem solving, human experience, and deep analytics on consumer behavior.

 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a direction in web development.  The idea is to be able to force the page to work and reduce the likelihood of the user leaving it.  AMP technology is a bit similar to PWA.

 AMPs are optimized pages that can run fluently and have a simplified yet user-friendly design with basic functionality compared to full-featured web products.  These pages are also handy for mobile phones and their content is always readable.

 Recent trends in web design, such as the development of AMP, show that the Internet is becoming more user-centric.  Even though we have 5G internet technology and most brands choose to develop their own apps to improve the experience of any user, the AMP plugin gives businesses the opportunity to save on UX and reach users at any internet speed.  As a result, we will see smaller and niche products competing successfully with the major market leaders.

 Nowadays, thanks to high-speed internet standards, there is no need to get stuck in an approach where every action on a page, such as clicking on various buttons, results in another web page being loaded from the server.

 SPA is a web site trend that helps us avoid smooth interactions with it, express improved page performance and provide high data security potential.

 The web development prospect seems less daunting but louder, and it’s not about virtual feature-rich home assistants like Siri, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa.  In 2022, more than half of all smart and IoT devices will hear users and perform voice commands.  And even more – they will be able to recognize the voices of different people and provide each with a personalized experience based on artificial intelligence.

 Voice search is just the most telling example of a technology that was introduced over a decade ago.  In 2022, people will prefer to spend less time typing commands because devices can clearly understand them.  This is why many companies are now racking their brains over how to optimize their products for voice search and commands.  It is projected that by the end of 2022, 55% of all households worldwide will have a voice assistant.

 With around 30 billion internet devices projected to operate in 2025, we can expect to see a definite demand for tasks next year that can improve the security of automated interactions with the IoT.

 The growth potential of the Internet of Things is another aspect that we will look at next year.  The main reason for the existence and development of the Internet of Things is its ability to make everyday life easier or more convenient.  With the automation of payments, smart home and smart city technologies, and the development of a digital healthcare system, we could generally become less busy with routine tasks and invest our cognitive resources in more complex ones.

 Transport, healthcare, marketing are likely to become major IoT niches in 2022.  Emerging trends in web design (UX) will also be driven by new products in the IoT environment.  We must anticipate the design of voice interfaces and original approaches to big data architecture.

 Simply put, Blockchain provides a two-way transaction event.  This means that every transaction is verified by a decentralized distributed network.  This way, you will know exactly what data is verified and understandable.

Top software development company in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

 Blockchain is one of the fastest growing technologies in web development that offers the following benefits:

 In terms of web development, Blockchain is one of the new web development technologies that provides benefits such as:

 Do you want to know how to implement Blockchain technology in your web application?

 For one of our projects, which was an insurance web application, the iTizzi Custom Software Development Company team needed to implement ultra-secure data storage and payment processing.

 For this reason, we have integrated Blockchain technology

 In 2022, current trends in web development will change the way businesses interact with their customers.  By applying the latest technology, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company will keep websites competitive and provide a user-friendly experience.

 We’ve listed some of the best emerging web development trends in 2022. Are you looking for a reliable software development partner who can bring them to life?  Our team will be happy to bring your ideas to life and contribute to the development of your business.  Contact us to discuss your project, and our experts will help bring it to life.