The main features in the development of platforms for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, crypto-exchanges – Development of software, websites, complex trading platforms and applications in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Vinnitsa, Kharkov, Dnipro


How are things going with the bitcoin rate?  It is likely to grow for many reasons.  Some invest in bitcoin, while others use blockchain as the basis for creating unique business models.  Many people just love it because of the sheer idea of ​​a decentralized economy designed to overthrow the financial dominance of banks.  For those looking to make a fair and huge profit, there are 2 daring ways to do it.  One of them is to create your own cryptocurrency with unique financial capabilities.  Another is to create your own cryptocurrency trading platform for buying / selling currencies based on blockchain, which of course includes bitcoin exchange, but goes far beyond it.  This article discusses option number 2, which paves the way for creating a full-fledged platform for a cryptocurrency exchanger and solving the design problems associated with it.

 The product you are about to create is a marketplace that connects people who buy cryptocurrency with those who sell it using fiat currencies.  How your platform will trade may differ.  Some cryptocurrency exchanges simply trade with their users at the world market price.  Others partially provide some public data on the state of trading on the exchange through their order book.  They provide users with some advanced features such as determining the set price of their orders.  As a person intending to develop a platform for a cryptocurrency exchanger, you should know the main features of creating this software product.

 Key features of the development of a crypto-exchanger platform

 When you create a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you need to think carefully about its intended functionality.  While the number and list of features vary depending on the type of exchange you create, a few core features form the backbone of all cryptocurrency exchanges.

 As an example, let’s take a closer look at the standard user-side process and the required functions:


 Looking at the user experience, it becomes clear that the functions of the cryptocurrency exchange service should cover:

 How much does it cost to create a crypto-exchange, a crypto-exchanger from scratch in Ukraine?

 The cost of developing a cryptocurrency exchanger depends on the list of features that need to be enabled, the number of coins and tokens that need to be integrated, the level of security, and so on.  Thus, you will be able to calculate the estimated cost by sharing your idea and vision with our experts.

 To compete in the cryptocurrency exchange market, it is best to develop a full-featured software solution with connected cryptocurrency exchange applications, high security and good scalability.  Developing a platform for a crypto exchange of this level is more expensive because you need a team of real professionals.

 Build and run a cryptocurrency exchange platform with iTizzi Custom Software Development.  We have excellent technical skills and extensive experience in the development of complex platforms.  We will take care of the coding, design and testing of the MVP product of the crypto exchange platform.