The initial stage of creating computer games at iTizzi. Concepts, ideas, sketches, plans in the development of computer games


A computer game is a very complex product containing many legally significant elements, such as graphics, music, lyrics, and other components of the work, so its development in Ukraine should be left only to the hands of professionals in creating games for PC, console, VR, AR, iOS, and ANDROID – iTizzi Software Development Company, where the list of services includes the design and implementation of games entirely to order, as well as the development of individual graphic elements, character design, and programming.

Computer game concept

The creation of a computer game in the Ukrainian development and programming company iTizzi begins with a careful definition of the general concept of the game, the definition of the conflict, the type of game (FPS, RPG, RTS, etc.), as well as the rules applicable in the game and the means of achieving the goals of the game. … In addition, at this stage, issues such as the philosophy of the game are determined, in particular, in terms of determining the target market segment in which manufacturers intend to get this game. It is also important to define the business model of the game (for example, the closed nature of the product, the product is developed with add-ons, the division of the game into parts, the release of the game at regular intervals, etc.). The concept of a game is reflected in documentation in the form of game design and gameplay, often in the form of project documentation. These are documents developed for the needs of the game manufacturer or publisher. As for the ideas, they are in the game script.

Computer game scenario

A game script is a written draft of work. The main difference between a computer game script and a movie script is that usually, a computer game is not linear in its plot. Consequently, his script must contain all possible variants of events, which is a direct consequence of the fact that the player can, to a limited extent, making certain decisions during the game, direct him to a certain course of events. The scenario should describe all possible options in this regard. In the above scope, the scenario is closed, that is, the player performs predetermined and developed stages and actions in the game.

The approval of the script completes the first stage of creating a computer game, followed by the creation of a visual environment, a game engine, and program code in Kyiv, Lviv. The scenario of a computer game (Storyboard) is in many ways similar to a comic book, because it describes, on the one hand, the diagram and a visual chronology of the frames that make up the picture, and on the other hand, it describes in more or less detail individual or all scenes of the game.

Plurality of creators

A computer game is a rather specific product. This is a work with characteristics that are characteristic of certain types of works, such as a comic book or partly audiovisual work. Undoubtedly, a computer game, despite the contribution of many people to the process of its creation, is perceived by end-users (players) as a whole. This applies to both the so-called user experience, as well as issues such as testing during game development or beta testing. A game as a final product is the result of a creative combination of all elements in such a way as to provide the final product to users. Development of mobile applications and computer games to order, this process is not a simple combination of separate parts or elements of a game.

Among the co-authors, developers of computer games at iTizzi in Dnipro, there are such persons as:

It is with these persons that the manufacturer must conclude appropriate agreements under which he will receive copyright. There will be no such obligation with respect to persons performing technical activities or authors of concepts and ideas used in the game. It is very important that the agreements mentioned above are concluded as soon as possible so that they are as detailed and complete in their content as possible. Any shortcomings in this regard and the choice of an untrustworthy company will have certain consequences for the customer of a computer game, both financially and logistically.

For effective cooperation in terms of game development, iTizzi in Odessa uses many technologies: Unreal Engine (UE4), Unity, HTML, Flex / Flash / Air, to start implementing them, just send us a preliminary brief, and we will send you questions or a ready proposal to answer.