The Future is Machine Learning at iTizzi Software Development Company – How Does Machine Learning Affect Business Development?


Machine learning was first used by Arthur Samuel in 1959. With this term, he defined the ability of computers to learn to program new skills directly (an area of ​​learning that enables computers to learn without explicit programming). The machines are still under development. They can not only perform the tasks that are programmed for them. They also have another important skill, which is learning from recorded behavior based on the tasks they have had to deal with so far. The machine collects information, analyzes it and, on this basis, makes decisions that help it in solving emerging problems. How much you can learn depends, among other things, on how much data you have access to.

While the concept of machine learning development may seem complex and related mainly to the technologies we will be dealing with in the future, in practice, it is not. Machine learning already has a number of applications in solutions that we use every day. An example of a system based on machine learning algorithms is the well-known GPS. It’s a great navigator on the road, but it’s also a huge source of data. It allows you to check where we live, where we work, our favorite store and then collects this data to suggest, among other things, alarm times or information about the last departure of the bus. It also helps in creating personalized shopping suggestions for the stores we drive through on our way home from work.

The machine learning process itself does not require any intervention from programmers. However, despite the rapid development of machine learning, systems are still dependent on humans. Developing an AI and machine learning system at iTizzi in Odesa and Lviv requires defining ways to acquire knowledge and represent it. The program remembers the data provided to it, analyzes it taking into account what it has learned, and reacts to it accordingly. The goal of introducing machine learning into projects and businesses is usually to improve efficiency or reliability. While discussing this concept, we should also mention deep learning, a subcategory of machine learning. This is a branch of artificial intelligence that is responsible for the creation of information systems that resemble the work of the human brain in structure and function.

How to use machine learning in business?

Machine learning is a model that has long been used in business. There are also many examples that are just entering our lives, but in the near future they can greatly change them – for example, autonomous cars, interactive service centers, or even the automation of production and mining systems in the industry. First of all, it should be noted that it is not easy to create and implement machine learning in business, but, subject to cooperation with the iTizzi company in Vinnytsia, of course, it can bring a lot of benefits.

The company for the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning iTizzi in Kyiv and Dnipro allows:

In complex IT solutions for a successful Internet business, we use machine learning to flawlessly process orders from stores and pharmacies, collect data and transfer it to the enterprise. Then this data is analyzed, and based on it, the company can draw conclusions and make specific decisions. The main goal of this process is to provide the recipient of our client with the product they expect. An entrepreneur can make decisions based on previous shopping experiences. This is an important step towards creating a competitive advantage. A company can anticipate customer expectations and offer them a product before they are interested in it. This makes it easier and more efficient to meet the needs of the recipients. Machine learning development allows you to do this on the fly and make informed decisions, including the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.