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The work of every organization in Eastern Europe involves the daily receipt of a huge amount of data: accounting reports, orders, contracts, etc. Documents must be properly sorted, protected and stored, and work with them must be ensured by simplicity and efficiency. In order for such work to proceed quickly and spend a minimum amount of resources, various variations of software for saving were created.

The software includes:

The above options have both advantages and disadvantages, so each solution should be considered in more detail.

Open Source Services

In Ukraine, Open Source is often called simply “source”. This is open source software, the initial version of which can be viewed and modified. Source code is most commonly used in programming.



Box product

Boxed software is a product for a wide range of users. As a rule, such programs are released by companies with a comprehensive set of instructions for installation and use. The most popular representative of boxed software is the OS for Microsoft Windows.



Cloud service

“Box” assumes a standard set of universal programs, each of which can be modified. We can say that a cloud service is a standard base that each user modifies to suit the needs of their own business.



Bespoke software features

iTizzi Custom Software Development Company is a Ukrainian development and programming company that prioritizes an individual approach to each project. The creation of online services for business to order is in great demand not only in the capital city of Kyiv, but also in Odessa, Lvov, Vinnitsa, etc.

Many do not fully understand the specifics of this service, so it deserves special attention.



There is also a “hybrid” software option. In this case, ready-made software is considered, which later may not fully satisfy the needs of the business. In the future, the program is modified, the necessary functions are added, the settings are “adjusted”.

The brightestThe name of hybrid software is Magento. The software is open source and free, but its standard functionality does not always meet the needs of company owners. To solve the problems that have arisen, new software is being developed on the basis of the finished program. Then it’s up to the small: setting up the functionality and interface.

Regardless of what type of software the customer likes best, it is important to initially analyze the business industry, assess the scale of the upcoming project, and set goals.

If the owner of the organization decided to order software individually, then the key to a successful outcome of the case is the right software development company.

iTizzi software development company has been pleasing customers with successful projects around the world for a long time. Specialists offer the creation of applications for iOS and Android and complex IT solutions for a successful Internet business, including the following services:

The company employs highly qualified multidisciplinary specialists to develop web systems, designing effective Enterprise solutions for large businesses, adapting ready-made software for specific tasks and supporting the operation of systems. The client can always apply for the service of DevOps engineers. Particularly relevant is the service for developing and creating mobile applications for Android and iOS, React JS.