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Continuously evolving information technology makes it possible to better adapt equipment and systems to the users who use them. This makes working more comfortable, faster and more efficient.

Dedicated software is an IT system tailored to individual business needs. They are programmed on the basis of a special order, and their functions, name and appearance are adapted to the requirements of a particular user, entrepreneur. Very often it is created from scratch using tools such as source code design. Individual software is designed to facilitate and optimize work as much as possible. Specially designed features can greatly improve the efficiency and comfort of your work. Therefore, specialized software is most often chosen by companies and institutions of various types.

As a software development company iTizzi, we help startups and companies build custom applications and solutions. Digital transformation, system integration, blockchain development for tokenization of assets, development in the field of AI and machine learning, the Internet of Things are some of our key services. We strive to constantly provide our customers with modern and comprehensive solutions.

If we have already told what specialized software is, you know its definition, then take into account its main advantages:

Special software at iTizzi, Dnipro, Lviv – these are individual solutions for the client. They are individually tailored to your most critical business needs. The purpose of such products is to improve the efficiency of business processes through their optimization and modernization. We deal with the entire implementation process, where the starting point is always a detailed analysis – what should be changed in the work of a particular company and why. Every day, we create innovative programs using cloud solutions, prepare custom applications or drive digital transformation. In addition, we automate time-consuming processes with proven tools. Bet on specialized IT solutions – improve your work and earn more with appropriately tailored apps and tools. Choose comprehensive support and benefit from our expertise, which includes prototyping, development, and software monitoring and maintenance.

Characteristics of specialized software created by iTizzi, Kiev:

Regardless of whether you are comfortable working from the office or constantly on the road – the solutions that we provide in the form of special software will always be at your fingertips in the form of a web application, in the cloud or in the form of a functional mobile application.

Is your company evolving and constantly changing? The product we have created will be in line with your strategy and adapted to the current situation.

There are probably many processes going on in your company every day. Generating reports, communicating with customers, resolving problems, and other repetitive tasks can slow you down and lead to costs. Custom software development will increase productivity by accelerating and streamlining business operations.

Digital transformation and cooperation with iTizzi, Dnipro, Vinnitsa will bring your business to a new level. This can help automate and digitize labor-intensive processes, reduce costs, transform day-to-day operations, and ultimately improve security. Digital transformation means investing in digital best practices and technologies that make your business more innovative and efficient. The main goal of our company is to create new solutions for the main business processes – to speed up and optimize day-to-day work.

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