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However, our experience shows that every organization has unique processes, separate products and services, and a team with different expectations, requirements and needs. For 10 years we have created custom business applications that help organizations reach their full potential. We are confident that the best ideas and solutions are born in the offices and conference rooms of our clients – our task is to extract ideas, and using proven technologies, “reforge” them into specific software solutions.

Areas of activity of companies and corporations, business of Ukraine, in which our special applications support clients:

Applications for information circulation:

E-commerce solutions:

Microsoft Project Server:

How does iTizzi work in the development of software and programs for various business areas of Dnipro, Lviv?

  1. First, careful communication with the client,
  2. Second, best practices,
  3. Third, comprehensive care.

We use flexible software development methodologies that allow us to deliver out-of-the-box functionality at regular intervals so that the client can track and verify the results of our work on an ongoing basis. Every subsequent stage of the project, we begin with the provision of a detailed action plan and end with the creation of ready-made and tested software. The cycle of successive stages is repeated until the entire scope of the project is completed and the client receives a ready-made and proven solution that is 100% consistent with his individual expectations.

Order an individual, specialized application in Kiev, Odessa in four stages of development:

iTizzi Software Development Company, Vinnytsia offers a range of services in the field of programming and development of specialized teams, applications, individual solutions for business in Ukraine and around the world. Creation of the best specialized software and custom-made applications at iTizzi becomes possible thanks to the participation of professionals in the form of experienced programmers and developers in Ukraine, analysts and program architects, people leading the development of projects, experts in testing and quality of custom software.

We will create customized software for businesses and corporations in such a way as to achieve the stated goal, always with the end users in mind. Feedback from our clients confirms that our experience and commitment to success – from planning to delivering our services – deliver impressive results and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction. We combine different technologies and create systems on different programming platforms. We offer unique and flexible solutions to support the most demanding clients.

Contact our consultant! We will help you determine the needs of your company and select the optimal software solutions. Text us and we will be happy to answer any question.