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What is the software development process based on? Software development is a modification of a program running on a computer, the purpose of which is to transform its operating, system and other parameters. This and many other functions and services are implemented by iTizzi in various cities of Ukraine – in Kyiv and Odessa, in Lviv and Vinnytsia. We bring together the best features that software developers and technology partners must have in order to effectively implement the ideas of enterprises and startups seeking support in the development of a company through software development. IT IZZI creates a friendly environment for business collaboration, regardless of industry and size of the enterprise. The development of specialized software for businesses and companies is a passion for our programmers, consultants and IT architects, which we have been sharing with clients around the world for almost 20 years, consulting and sharing design experience.

In software development, we analyze business requirements and the needs of enterprises and startups. We design, develop and maintain specialized software. We supply and develop modern web and mobile applications as well as high-value digital products.

Integrated IT solutions and services for a successful Internet business in Eastern Europe

In collaboration, partnerships and finding a common language with the client are important, so we implement projects using agile software development methods such as Scrum or DevOps that improve communication and influence Time to Market, and allow our clients to control the implementation of IT. projects.

Software development process by the Ukrainian development and programming company iTizzi

We design and build web, desktop and mobile apps, we deliver proof-of-concept and MVP projects, and our testers and QA teams ensure the highest quality product development.
Our teams of specialists take over the entire software development process. From the moment a client has an idea, iTizzi has supported its implementation in the following areas: