Software Development Stages – A Programmer’s View of iTizzi Software Development Company, Kyiv, Odesa, Ukraine


The complexity of the process determines the development of specific sequential actions performed by the project team.

The waterfall approach to software development is gradually becoming a thing of the past, giving way to more flexible methods. The main challenge facing the iTizzi project team is to understand the needs and business goals of the client, and then, based on this knowledge, create a system tailored to the client’s expectations. The process of software development in Ukraine can be divided into several stages.

Cooperation offer

This is the first step in the process of project implementation – meeting the client, his idea, as well as the company’s development opportunities. This step requires the formulation and transmission of the main ideas, project goals, needs and problems of the customer to iTizzi, Kiev, Lviv. It happens that the client’s vision is inaccurate, so the final project may not fully meet his needs. The better the team learns about the complexity and scope of the work, the more accurately they will be able to estimate the time and complexity of the project. It happens that a short conversation or exchange of information by e-mail is enough, it is important that inaccuracies do not relate to the basic functions. At this stage, the development team tries to initially estimate the approximate cost and labor intensity of the project.

Analysis of the project concept

You can discuss the basics of the project, finalize the idea and dispel the client’s doubts at a workshop, where the project will be “disassembled into its main components.” The meeting is attended by a team of professionals, which can consist of analysts, account managers, UX specialists and developers, who, with the help of a professional eye and brainstorming, will develop a vision that is more tailored to the market or target of the recipient. This will help determine the main and secondary business goals, because the goal of all work is to provide a tool that allows you to achieve and realize all these goals. At this stage, a part of the team of developers and programmers at iTizzi, Odessa, Vinnytsia, monitors the definition of functions in accordance with technological capabilities. By gaining a complete understanding of the product, by dividing and discussing each functionality of the system, a team of experts can make an accurate estimate and determine the time required for software development.

Choice of technology

With a complete set of concepts, processes and functions required, you can choose a technology. It is this knowledge that determines which technologies and tools will be best used to achieve your business goals. When choosing a technology, you should make sure that it is the most stable possible. Then the iTizzi development team is selected with competencies in the selected technologies and tools. At this stage, a team of developers from Kiev and Dnipro also performs analytical design, core system design.

Productive process

At the next stage of the programming work, the first elements begin to be produced. This process is divided into cycles, for example, two weeks, after which the client is presented with the created piece of software. The client, interacting with the development team, has a constant view of the work done. This requires time for him to plan the work to be done in the next publishing cycle, and then accepting them during the demo. It often happens that the fragment of the system created so far shows the possibilities for product improvement, which, thanks to the flexible working methodology, can be realized. Thanks to the constant presence of the client and the synergy between him and the iTizzi team, change is not a problem, but a value that translates directly into an even better finished product. We add additional elements that eventually make up the complete software.

Post-implementation support

After completing the development process, it’s time to deploy the created application. At this stage, the installation itself does not end, the development team helps the client to get the system up and running. At this stage, finishing touches and minor changes are often made, which are determined by the end use of the system.

Software development in Ukraine and Eastern Europe – iTizzi Software Development Company

Software development is a challenge not only for our development team, but also for the client. However, based on the professionalism and experience of the project team, all difficulties and problems can be turned into surmountable challenges. Close cooperation, honesty and constant contact allow us to strive to achieve the goals of the client, giving him a final product that fully satisfies him.