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In the 21st century, only those organizations that can simultaneously harness the potential of new technologies and learn to think innovatively will be able to meet the growing expectations of customers and, more broadly, of the entire business world.
In the modern world, not only the speed of delivery of products and services is important, but also the possibility of their differentiation due to various distribution channels. An increasingly strong client position means increased competition for companies – both in terms of service quality and the efficiency of internal processes. In order to find or retain customers, the financial sector needs to better understand their needs. Comprehensive support in this area can be provided to organizations through properly designed and implemented systems that facilitate both the creation of proposals that meet customer expectations and support the collection, analysis, and flow of data. The importance of software development departments is growing as easy access to the product and related services have become as important to business customers as the product. It’s the same with sales support tools.

The software, created by iTizzi in Kyiv and Odesa, meets the market requirements for quality, functionality and safety, improves the efficiency of the company, as well as gains a significant advantage over competitors. This is why there is so much focus now on application development and software quality assurance for businesses and companies. Comprehensive support by iTizzi in Lviv and Vinnytsia in this area is provided by implementation tailored to the needs of the client and the end-user. The main task of developing software and software for businesses and companies in Eastern Europe is the modification and development of software in order to better adapt the program to market requirements. Our approach to the services provided is based on agile methodologies – we work on the basis of tests, code analysis and requirements verification. We attach great importance to fluency and quality of communication – both within the development team and in contact with the client. When implementing projects, we adhere to the road map set out with the client or provided by him. Our specialists can create the design and implementation of the entire system, as well as advise on how to choose the best technology for the project and its implementation.
iTizzi Software Development Company is engaged in software development and software engineering for businesses and companies from the stage of analysis, design, selection of technology and physical architecture to programming, testing and implementation of a ready-made IT system (this can be a website, an online store, a simple server application or advanced system). Areas where systems are most often implemented: backend, frontend, middleware (soa), microservices, mobile applications. Systems and applications can mainly be created using the following technologies: Java, PHP, Python, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL. , Docker, Apache, nginx, Linux, Android, iOS. We may also use other technologies, if necessary and possible.
If you need a good solution for the needs of your company, we will advise and select the best offer. We try to select the best proven technologies and solutions for the client that do not have to be paid, therefore we do not recommend Microsoft solutions. We are free software advocates.

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