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iTizzi Software Development Company is an experienced IT company providing high quality custom software. Our offer is addressed to companies whose activities require the use of specialized IT solutions. We will prepare for you an individual technical task and create an application that will support important business processes of your company.

Specialized solutions
The software and applications we create are based on specifications provided by customers or based on specifications developed by our experts. Development and implementation of applications can take place in our data center or in a data center specified by the customer.

Experience in creating specialized applications
One of the most dynamically developing areas of our team of programmers is the development and delivery of specialized applications that combine the most popular communication channels. To create them, we most often use our own technology, which provides seamless integration of all popular communication tools (SMS, MMS, WAP, fax, IVR, e-mail, WWW). Thanks to this, we can implement even the most complex, multi-stage communication scenarios.

Where does custom software development begin?

Before a software company can begin working on an application, the needs must be precisely defined. What actions should be taken to improve the system? How many people will use it, and will it be just employees or maybe partners and customers?

What is guaranteed to buy custom software from iTizzi software development company?

A bespoke application, in addition to being carefully tailored to the needs, it also allows you to transfer the unique processes taking place in the company into the system. There is no such possibility in any ready-made solution. This can include, for example, how to assess customer prospects or conduct a sales process. As a result, the process of implementing the solution in the company is accelerated and the chance of project success increases. It is also possible to expand further in special software. The application development process should allow for rapid changes in the future while maintaining quality for users. However, its smooth operation is determined by the owner of the application being created. When concluding an agreement, it is worth paying attention to whether the client becomes the owner of the software under the agreement or acquires a license only to use it. Only the first option allows you to freely make changes to the source code of the solution and thus extend it to meet future requirements.

Custom software – who is it for? Ukrainian development and programming company iTizzi

This solution is well suited for small, medium and large companies. By adapting to customer requirements, it will enable you to improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations, regardless of the size of the company, which will result in savings in time and money.

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Evaluation of custom software

The cost of our IT services, which include: Software development, custom mobile application development, Full-stack Web development, iOS and Android application development, depends on the scale of the project, the form of cooperation and the required competencies. Send us a request with information about what you expect, attach a brief description of the project and your requirements, and we will offer a solution that suits your needs and the methodology for creating it.