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When it comes to software for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine often cannot afford the obvious savings and choose cheap solutions that already exist on the market. Special software developed to order, on the other hand, is more expensive, but it more effectively increases the productivity of employees and the entire company, thanks to the creation of functionality that is selected strictly for your company.

The question arises, is a specialized software designed specifically for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises the best choice?

Customized applications fully tailored to your needs

Large companies and corporations with dozens of branches at home and abroad will have different requirements and needs for computer software compared to small and medium-sized companies and local businesses. This fact alone means that software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises will turn out to be much better than universal off-the-shelf computer systems, the task of which is to serve both small and large companies. Naturally, such programs will not be the best either for small and medium-sized businesses or for large market players.

Specialized software will always be slightly more expensive than universal software, but at the same time, such an investment is aimed at the needs of entrepreneurs. Dedicated applications are built based on the expectations of a particular customer. This makes them more profitable than investing in a ready-made system. Professional specialized software is necessary for companies operating in various sectors of the economy. Their individual departments, especially accounting, human resources, and payroll or training, most often use specialized computer software.

By developing computer software tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, it is possible to improve the efficiency of individual companies. Such programs allow you to automate accounting processes, quickly issue invoices and other accounting documents, create payrolls, transfer salaries to employees, or conduct effective communication between individual employees. Archived electronic data is much easier to obtain in special software than if it was stored in a traditional form.

The task of iTizzi Software Development Company in Ukraine is to create web applications, software, custom software – we follow your ideas using the latest technologies, thereby ensuring maximum investment efficiency.

What are the prospects for cooperation with iTizzi on the development of specialized software and programs for various business areas in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro?

We start building an application by jointly defining the requirements for your product during workshops and identifying the most effective ideas – even before we create a project vision that will provide a real chance for future success.

Our software house iTizzi in Odesa and Vinnytsia is a team of analysts who, in cooperation with developers, adapt the software to your needs – we know perfectly well that application development requires different competencies. Special software is created using the latest technologies to ensure the maximum return on the investments attracted.

The process of creating a custom application includes not only programming but also software testing and the development of technical documentation. This way you can be sure that you will receive specialized software, improved from all sides, which can be released to the market much faster.

We take full responsibility for software development and application design, we clearly define the roles and responsibilities of people in the team. We work transparently and regularly report on the progress of writing programs. We provide programming services providing comprehensive project management.