Software development for a crypto-exchanger, crypto-exchange. What should be considered when creating a service for exchanging cryptocurrencies? iTizzi Custom Software Development in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Darkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe


The application, service, platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies consists of several key sections, for example, for comparing cryptocurrencies, trends, history and profile of user activity.  When creating your own cryptocurrency exchange service, the developers of iTizzi Custom Software Development will equally focus on the usability of these sections.

 Comparison of cryptocurrencies is a section that contains information about all currencies presented on the exchange.  This section is critical as it defines all cryptocurrencies available in the market.  The rates and performance of any currency can be compared to any coin, thus offering the user a comprehensive market analysis.

 Another important section is the history of cryptocurrency trends and performance.  It provides a general history of currencies, which is used for market analysis and forecasting.  The section can be integrated with AI as well as with big data to get effective information for investments.  The user’s profile consists of his past actions.  This section can be compared to the records of every user’s investment activity on the platform.

 Apart from these core features, iTizzi’s crypto exchanges are integrated with strict KYC verification as well as registration processes.  Other features are being added on exchanges to give users more options.  While iTizzi Custom Software Development builds crypto exchange software based on the idea of ​​core functionality, adding innovative and user-friendly additional features helps to gain an edge in the market as it attracts more users.

 Impress the world of crypto exchanges with a solution guaranteed to outperform even mature exchanges

 Order a complete software solution for a cryptocurrency exchanger, launch your own cryptocurrency exchange with the development of an industry-leading solution provided by iTizzi Custom Software Development with nearly a decade of experience in creating super scalable systems for various market niches.  Our services are fully customizable, white-labeled, and boast many customizations to tailor your own digital asset exchanger accordingly.

 Get the most advanced solution for entering the cryptocurrency market – Launch your own cryptocurrency exchange with iTizzi Custom Software Development – Odessa, Kiev.  Advantages:

 Newest technologies

 We deliver a premium quality product that meets the growing demand for a reliable and stable cryptocurrency exchange platform.  This solution will add value to new and existing businesses by offering a digital asset exchange service.

 Fast time to market

 Rapid development, implementation, ease of integration allows you to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange and effortlessly enter the most innovative and profitable industry that will irreversibly change our lives.

 Individual and complex development of a crypto-exchanger, crypto-exchange – Kiev, Lviv

 You will receive a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has everything you need.  With all the functions you need and dozens of additional ones, the service will be developed for any cryptocurrency exchange operator that can work around the clock and without interruptions.

 Ease of use

 We will develop the most user-friendly crypto platform.  Intuitive controls and thoughtful design greatly improve the usability and user experience.  This way, your clients start trading faster, which will give you higher conversions and better retention.

 Reliable and scalable architecture

 With ultra-scalability, a turnkey crypto exchange service will be able to adapt to your increased workload and meet your growing operational needs without sacrificing performance or efficiency.  The product will be ready to grow with your business.


 We will develop a crypto-exchanger that is protected from all potential threats and attacks, ensuring the safety of funds.  In this solution, we use the most advanced security controls, powerful encryption algorithms, reliable technologies and best practices.

 Development of a crypto-exchanger, crypto-exchange, taking into account your needs in Ukraine

 We provide a flexible solution that offers any asset, function or customization.  The possibilities are endless.

 Blockchain integration

 Integration with blockchain technology for deposits and withdrawals makes complete transparency available to your customers.

 Fiat Trading Pairs

 Offer fiat trading pairs with our platform, be it crypto and fiat pair or fiat and fiat.  Deposits and withdrawals are possible through the integration of payment systems, e-wallets or bank transfers.

 Build your own partnership

 Choose your own market makers and liquidity providers and set your own conditions for receiving liquidity for your exchange.

 Additional functions

 We have additional add-ons available to expand the basic functions of cryptocurrency exchangers.  These add-on modules help you get to market faster with sophisticated solutions that support your business processes.

 What you get from working with iTizzi Custom Software Development:

 We are specialists in software development, including the creation of trading platforms, crypto-exchangers and the development of crypto-exchanges with a proven track record of creating super-scalable, highly efficient trading systems in various market spaces.

 iTizzi Custom Software Development – Trusted Provider

 Products from iTizzi are effectively used, we are trusted by companies in Eastern Europe and around the world.  We strive to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

 Regular updates

 When your exchanger is delivered, development and updating will not stop.  The features you need and the needs of your customers change over time.  That’s why we never leave you alone to work on new features.

 Technical support

 Our dedicated team of engineers is available 24/7 to ensure your cryptocurrency exchange runs smoothly.  All issues are thoroughly investigated and resolved promptly.

 Premium customer service

 We will provide you with extensive support, resources and training, and resolve any issues before they become a threat to prevent any damage to your reputation.