Services for the development of DeFi solutions in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company


DeFi Defines Blockchain Trends In 2022

 Today, the financial sector accounts for an average of about 15-20% of world GDP.  Financial markets are the driving force behind the global economy, but if we analyze how the world has changed over the past three decades, the underlying infrastructure of traditional financial markets could not keep up.  It is still highly centralized and its availability is a major concern.  On top of this, lack of transparency has led humanity to seek loopholes in an ever-onerous regulatory regime, leading to global crises such as the 2008 financial crash.

 The financial technology revolution over the past 15 years has increased the availability of the financial ecosystem, but it is still insufficient and rife with its own set of challenges.  Basic infrastructure remains centralized and ineffective to serve the world’s population.  Users have no control over their money and are forced to deal with expensive financial services, be it money transfers, loans or investing.

 Then Bitcoin came along with the underlying Blockchain technology that decentralized the payments industry.  For the first time, it became possible to make peer-to-peer transactions without any intermediary in a trustless environment.  Payments are the heart of financial services, and it was only a matter of time before the expansion of the decentralized economy to other financial services such as lending, investing, etc.  There are now various startups that have invaded different areas of finance to empower the financial economy with affordability, decentralization, and efficiency in terms of settlement speed and cost.

 DeFi or alternative name Open Finance

 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to the democratization of the financial ecosystem using a decentralized non-custody infrastructure.  It covers all the principles of financial ecosystems such as borrowing and lending, exchange and trading, investment and risk management.  This is a huge step from the current closed financial economy to open finance, making it available to millions of people without access to bank accounts.  Since the existing DeFi applications and protocols are completely decentralized, the term “open finance” is used as an alternative.

 The key characteristics that define a DeFi concept or product are:

 Open Source: DeFi smart contracts are open source and available to anyone who can audit and collaborate on innovation.  This makes them composable so that different modules can be combined in different combinations to create innovative products suitable for different user profiles or use cases.

 Interoperability: Today, asset management in the DeFi ecosystem is largely limited to a single Blockchain network like Ethereum.  Interoperability allows the networks to work together, increasing overall liquidity and increasing user flexibility.

 Programmable: DeFi applications and protocols are driven by code written in smart contracts.  Business rules, permissions and transactions are protected by smart contracts that provide trust and transparency to the financial system.

 Accessibility: DeFi applications and protocols are available to everyone without any prejudice.  You just need a phone and an internet connection to join and use the DeFi ecosystem.  There are various usability startups out there so that anyone can interact with Blockchain protocols without complex cryptographic keys.

 iTizzi Custom Software Development Company, a global blockchain development company, creates innovative blockchain solutions.  We have a strong team of blockchain architects, engineers, UX / UI experts, and security analysts to help you create the next big thing in Web 3.0.  We have experience with Ethereum, EOS and other protocols supporting the DeFi ecosystem.

Services for the development of DeFi solutions in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

 This open finance paradigm offers several distinct advantages over traditional financial structures:

 Quite a few startups have created innovative applications and protocols in the DeFi ecosystem.

 Decentralized finance (DeFi) or open finance development services

 DeFi – short for Decentralized Finance – or more accurately Open Finance – is arguably the most revolutionary concept in the blockchain value chain.  In addition to this, he is also known as the largest destroyer of the modern financial system.

 Rather than relying on conventional banking or financial methods, DeFi uses smart contracts on the blockchain, giving people the ability to control various financial services such as borrowing funds, lending funds, raising assets, trading cryptocurrencies, and providing insurance without a real need for financial  mediator.

 At iTizzi Custom Software Development Company, Kiev, our experts offer the best DeFi solutions to our clients, so the need for financial intermediaries becomes almost superfluous.

 DeFi has piqued interest in many lately due to the ease with which real assets can be created.  It also allowed people to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies in order to make money through interest.  Our DeFi development services have been extended to clients across Eastern Europe, making iTizzi Custom Software Development Company one of the trusted DeFi development companies.

 DeFi or Open Financial Services and Solutions

 iTizzi Custom Software Development Company is a leading blockchain and smart contract development company – Vinnitsa, Kiev.  iTizzi Custom Software Development Company has extended its Blockchain expertise to DeFi services and solutions.  We help to create decentralized applications, Dnipro (dApps and smart contracts) for various financial services at Open Finance.

 Expand your financial operations to stay on the cutting edge with iTizzi Custom Software Development Company!  We provide DeFi solutions for every business related to trade, money exchange, insurance, investment and other financial transactions.

 Trust the expertise of our DeFi developers for a state-of-the-art DeFi solution that focuses on the security, broad availability, and transparency inherent in blockchain development.

 DeFi or traditional banking?  Your choice!

 Traditional banking solution

 DeFi Solution

 Industries we serve:

 ITizzi Custom Software Development Company DeFi Experience

 Get instant digital finance services that put security and autonomy at the forefront with a custom-built blockchain app running at top speed.

 Automate your critical tasks by initiating them with self-executing smart contracts that initiate and validate every transaction subject to predefined rules.

 Provide a secure digital wallet for each person’s funds, coupled with open source DeFi protocols that will allow users to keep their private encrypted keys safe.

 Create a one-stop platform where users can exchange, trade or invest their digital assets instantly and securely, with built-in support for the most popular currencies.

 Expand your funding options with custom tokens suitable for multiple transactions!  We supply your tokens with the necessary protocols to ensure their flawless distribution.

 Become a digital lender with the right solution at your fingertips!  For you, we will develop a p2p lending platform where users can provide funds through smart contracts.

 Protect users’ physical and digital assets with flexible digital insurance services where users can get coverage without delays or security breaches.

 Provide users with an easy and quick way to raise money by providing a full suite of innovative tools like fundraising calendars, tax breaks, instant approvals, and more.

 Provide transparency in lottery systems so that all players can see the winner being chosen at random using a smart contract, while receiving their equally divided investment amounts.

 Why Choose Us for DeFi Development?

 iTizzi Custom Software Development Company has been developing blockchain-based products for several years.  We have a highly qualified team of Blockchain experts well versed in Blockchain protocols, cryptoeconomics, dApps development, and finance.  We partner with leading Blockchain players.  We have extensive experience in DevOps management, cloud technologies and blockchain infrastructure.  We continue to invest in the latest emerging technologies to provide our partners with the best quality.

 iTizzi Custom Software Development Company has been developing customized DeFi solutions for a global client base for a long time, and knows you need business savvy people, not just code.

 With a team of seasoned developers with skills and experience in specific techniques, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company provides best-in-class DeFi solutions for a variety of codebases and libraries.

 We start with what you need and then identify the right tools.  We invite you to meetings, you will receive regular reports and your feedback will be vital.  We create quality solutions on time for your business.

 Your business does not stand still.  We, too.  We are constantly improving our skills and understanding to provide you with the most up-to-date advice and services.

Services for the development of DeFi solutions in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

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