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FinTech software developed by iTizzi Software Development Company enables fast and secure payments, speeds up the credit check process, and allows you to create personalized offers and improve banking products. FinTech solutions are also widely used in the insurance, trading, and risk management sectors. iTizzi Software Development Company is highly regarded as a provider of IT services to financial institutions in Ukraine.

FinTech software development

Companies in the financial sector cannot remain indifferent to the digital revolution taking place before our eyes, which also includes the development of FinTech services. Businesses need to adapt their solutions to a dynamically changing market and ever-growing customer demands for the usability of new technologies. We offer our services in the outsourcing model of specialists and teams, as well as consulting in the field of software development for investment, for the banking and insurance industry.


FinTech software is becoming an integral part of the financial and insurance sectors. Find out more about the solutions and services that are at the heart of the industry’s dynamic growth!


Imagine a virtual platform where users instantly conclude and confirm transactions across a global network without centralized management. Moving to an impartial and secure blockchain system, any party that needs access to data can get it online – whenever and wherever they want. Experts have long predicted that blockchain software development will revolutionize the financial sector, although Blockchain technology can be used in any industry where secure data exchange is important. The French company offers customized blockchain services, which, for example, allow tracing the origin of drugs in order to eliminate the risk of buying a fake.

Blockchain is a technology through which data about individual transactions is encrypted and stored in a distributed database on a decentralized network of computers. Thanks to this, Blockchain is becoming a payment method with high resistance to hacking and security breaches, finding more and more applications in the financial sector and beyond.

Robo-advisers, robot-advisers

Robo Advisors are vending machines powered by investment platforms that manage stocks for a fraction of the price a person would like for the same. According to the authors of some reports, platforms with robotic consultants will manage assets worth 2 trillion euros by 2020. There are many European companies that already offer this type of service, for example in Germany and Austria, Switzerland, France, and Belgium.

While an investment consultant has to spend a lot – for example, meeting potential investors – to acquire a new client, a robot consultant offers the same services for a fraction of the cost and can work 24 hours a day regardless of the time zone; he is also free from emotions and irrational prejudices.

The growth of this market leads to the emergence of new job opportunities. Programmers, mobile application developers, and cybersecurity specialists are in great demand here. To summarize, Robo-advisers are a fully automated digital platform based on a financial management algorithm that acts as a financial advisor. The system collects customer financial data and automatically advises, for example, about investments or savings.

Mobile wallets

Online banking is already giving way to the mobile version. According to the study, the number of mobile wallet transactions will increase by 61.8 percent over the next four years. All major banks in the Nordic countries already use the Swedish mobile payment service Swish. Moreover, international giants such as Apple, Google, and Samsung have invested in this technology.

The new technology creates new jobs for IT professionals such as programmers and mobile developers, experienced designers, and big data analysts.


Bitcoin is the first and most popular digital currency that allows its holders to make secure and anonymous electronic transactions.

Big Data

Big Data is a multitude of datasets that are complex to process, but the results obtained are very useful for determining the needs, preferences, or behavior of customers, as well as assessing risks.

Other technologies

Ethereum, smart contracts, mobile and internet banking, money transfers, data security – all these are also part of the services provided by iTizzi!


iTizzi Software Development Company helps clients in Vinnytsia, Odesa, Dnipro to fully use the potential of FinTech solutions by creating and developing solutions in different programming languages: Java, Python, C ++, .NET, adapted to their needs on a global scale. Contact us and find out more!