Programming for various spheres of business in Ukraine: development of sites, online stores, creation of web portals, Kyiv, Odesa, Ukraine


We have knowledge and experience in the development of software, websites, stores and Internet applications, mobile applications, and the services we provide are top notch.

Our experience in creating websites and web applications is getting bigger and bigger every day. During this time, we have served many clients for whom we have created, among other things, websites for companies, online stores, special applications and plugins, complex web platforms and sites (development of bookmakers, currency exchangers, trading platforms), and See also graphic design and UX design.

Each subsequent order is a challenge for us, from which we extract as much new knowledge as possible, which we will use in future orders. The projects we implement are popular and delight our clients. We get high marks in the rankings of online design and programming.

Creation and development of websites for business – Vinnytsia, Odessa

Websites is the general name for web showcases, which can have various forms, nature, and purpose. Depending on the above criteria and many others, we understand the slogan “web development” in relation to the programming, design and implementation of modern websites.

What characterizes our work?

We offer design and implementation of the following types of sites:

Development of online stores – Dnipro, Lviv, Kiev

We design and implement online stores, adapting them to the needs of users. We care about intuitiveness at the level of using the store and navigating through it. Our stores comply with User Experience (UX) standards. In the process of developing and implementing online stores, we use our creative ideas and experience gained over the years. All this helps to increase your online sales income.

Our online stores are characterized by:

Creation of web portals – Ukraine, Eastern Europe

We create web portals: thematic, advertising, corporate, city and others, taking into account the needs of customers. We develop and program, do graphic design, develop the functionality of portals and implement the site, as well as provide its hosting. We adapt the layout for devices with different resolutions (mobile web design, responsive web design). We take into account the needs of users, guided by their user experience. At iTizzi Software Development Company, we care about consistency, intuitiveness and functionality.

The process of creating a custom web portal:

  1. Analysis of the client’s needs – getting to know the client’s requirements, proposing effective solutions.
  2. Design work – graphic design of the layout, taking into account the requirements and needs of the customer.
  3. Development of the portal – implementation of agreed functions, conducting internal tests.
  4. Administrator training – conducting training on the use of the content control panel.
  5. We also offer technical support when launching the portal or expanding it further.

Why we are iTizzi Software Development Company?

Our experience has led to many clients and broadened our horizons in creating websites and web applications. At iTizzi we implement projects for Ukrainian and foreign clients from Eastern Europe.

Who are we?

Our specialists are far from the level of online freelancers. They have the requisite knowledge and experience in programming languages, design, marketing, advertising and customer relations from various business areas. They are educated with degrees in engineering, technology and science.

The mission of the iTizzi software development company is the development, programming and implementation of tools based on the latest technologies that help in business.

How can we help businesses, companies, corporations?

We know how important the role of Internet tools is in every business. We support the development of our clients by developing effective solutions for their industry.

What makes us stand out?

We know how valuable time is, so each of our team understands that the project must be completed on time, regardless of the circumstances. The proven solutions we use will help you save a lot of time and money, and above all, they will fulfill their purpose.

Our projects

The projects created by our software package are characterized by clean code, high efficiency, strong internal and external interface based on the latest standards and creative UI / UX design.

Communication support

Even after the project is completed, we support our client with an appropriate selection of activities that support the development of new technologies in the client’s business.

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