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Software development for startups – in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

A good idea is sometimes not enough for business success. Dedicated solutions and reliable equipment are also extremely important. Therefore, a good start-up is, first of all, “individual” software focused on the analysis of business processes and goals. All this in order for the final implementation to meet the real market needs of the young company.

The concept of a startup in Ukraine is quite young, known for only a few years. It means an enterprise set up to find a specific business model. The most important goal of such an organization is to find new markets for the development of the proposed product and achieve quick financial success. In simple terms, a startup can be understood as a temporary venture that wants to conquer the market to develop its product and at the same time achieve success at a fast pace without spending huge amounts of money on it.

Typically, startups are most often associated with technology and the IT industry. However, nothing prevents them from starting work in another industry. They often develop on the Internet, which is understandable by the fact that the network provides unlimited possibilities. At the same time, the Internet is much more likely to be financially successful.

How is startup software created at iTizzi Software Development Company?

The software development process itself is tightly bound, but the use of appropriate project management techniques allows you to maintain a great deal of flexibility at every stage of the creation of such an application. This is important because thanks to this we give the client the opportunity to see how the work is progressing and to participate in the implementation of the project.

It all starts with creating a business goal, the implementation of which requires the support of an experienced team to develop software tailored to the needs of our client, then we start implementing software for a startup.

Together, we define the business needs and goals of the startup that the customer wants to achieve. The client will find out which solutions are best for him. Also, deadlines, estimates and technical features are established. In the process of work, models and prototypes are developed. After signing the contract, we assemble a team of specialists and experts who will work on your project over the next few weeks. It is important to note that the team also includes quality assurance specialists. Thanks to this, we provide the highest quality services at every stage of the startup project implementation. In addition, the dedicated team responsible for the development and implementation of the startup includes:

Modern design for start-up projects

As we already wrote, a startup is a newly created enterprise or temporary organization looking for a business model that would ensure its profitable development. These companies have many business profiles, and the entities included in this category are most often associated with the technology and IT sectors.

The most frequently cited features of startups:

Building websites, designing for a startup is also about building a brand and image for such young companies. This means that we, iTizzi Software Development Company, Vinnytsia, Odessa, developing a design for a startup, also become the founders of the company, and it depends on us how we present it to the client.

What does iTizzi Software Development Company take into account when developing a project, website, startup application?

First of all, it is important to understand that when it comes to start-up projects, communication with the client and understanding of the brand is crucial for the designer. Startup design most often occurs in parallel with the emerging concept of a new brand.

How to choose the right software for a startup?

Finding a suitable business model will become much easier thanks to the use of special software, which, on the one hand, will be adapted to the individual needs of people doing business, and on the other hand, will be effective. Of course, the specifics of the business affect the choice of suitable solutions. Various software will be prepared for service, production or commercial start-up projects and launches.

The specialists of iTizzi, Kiev, together with our clients, determine the type of business, as well as the most important goals, the achievement of which will allow us to carry out further activities. Based on this, a project will be prepared. As a result, the developed software has a comprehensive set of functions and tools that will be needed in everyday work. Our clients have the opportunity to receive a system adapted to their needs and requirements, as well as to the specifics of their business, regardless of the industry in which it operates.

Specialized software for startups

We adapt our services to the needs of our clients, with whom we try to choose the best system that will significantly increase the efficiency of business activities.

When our clients choose specialized software, they can count on a solution ideally suited to the specifics of their business. This means not only the ability to use a variety of options and tools, but also ease of use. Do not forget about the great freedom to develop software and adapt it to the changing structure of the company. The specialists of iTizzi, Dnipro do everything to make the developed system easy to use.

Focusing on individual needs also influences the effectiveness of the use of software. Our clients know very well what to expect and what solutions they will receive. Of course, iTizzi specialists also offer full technical and consulting support, thanks to which you can dispel any remaining doubts. Special software also guarantees a wide range of expansion options. It’s easy to add new segments and features to help you meet your launch goals even more efficiently. All this, of course, has a positive effect on the development of a startup – both in the short and in the long term.

Why should you trust us?

We are a company with extensive experience that for many years has been creating specialized systems and applications for both companies already operating in the market and for startups. We know our work and every day we work on new systems designed for our clients. We always offer user-friendly solutions that are user-friendly and based on advanced technologies. All this means the highest quality of the product. Applications and systems are “tailor-made” that are 100% customized and meet the customer’s needs.