Own betting company and creation of a sophisticated betting web platform by the Eastern European company iTizzi


Most of the information collected here is general and universal, regardless of which country and under which license the bookmaker will operate. Opening your own betting business, developing web platforms and sites in Kyiv, Lviv or Vinnytsia is a complex and time-consuming process that requires large investments and the work of an experienced team. In this article, we will try to introduce you to the bookmaker from the other side – from the point of view of business and investment. How to create a betting platform in Ukraine? Perhaps one of the readers will decide to open their own betting business, and the information from iTizzi will be useful.


Software is an important aspect of bookmaking. Currently, it is unprofitable to create a betting company with only land-based establishments. In 2018, about 75% of bets were placed online. Stationary bookmaker premises can only be an addition to support the image and promotion of this business on the Internet. You need the development of specialized software for running your Internet business.

The betting software consists of:

Creating a bookmaker program from scratch in Kyiv, Odesa is an extremely difficult and time-consuming process. Only the largest companies can afford to create custom software. The process of its creation requires a large team of developers and subsequent constant monitoring of the functioning and development of the software. Because of these difficulties, new bookmakers very rarely decide to develop their own software. Many people choose to use external services buying ready-made programs.

Functionality matters most

What do most experts and ordinary traders look for when choosing and using a Forex and CFD brokerage platform? This is, of course, its functionality. Platforms for trading currencies, foreign exchange derivatives, commodities, and other instruments should allow you to take positions quickly and efficiently. This allows you to choose the best time to invest and get the expected return. You should be aware of the fact that a trading platform is the most important tool for a trader because with it you can place orders, trade, analyze charts, manage your portfolio, and sometimes create strategies and simple trading algorithms.

What should a brokerage platform have from the point of view of novice traders?

People who have never invested in Forex and CFDs before should choose a trading platform that will allow them to open a demo account. This is a demo and training account where a novice investor has virtual funds at his disposal. He uses them freely, investing and learns how to use the platform, use its various functions, as well as the rules of the Forex and CFD market, without the risk of losing part or all of his investment capital.

The brokerage platform should be easy to use and intuitive, making it easy for even novice players to find the options they want. It should offer them a wide range of indicators and the use of automated trading systems.

Useful features of the brokerage platform

The best platform will guarantee the fast execution of buy and sell orders placed by a trader. However, this is only one of the main functions that it should have. Platforms often offer the ability to place pending orders, which can open or close positions when conditions specified by the player are met. In addition, the platform must provide its players with the current quotes of currency pairs, various types of charts, and indicators that are part of the technical analysis. The Forex market is associated with a high investment risk in the case of using real funds on a regular account – a live account. Therefore, the iTizzi trading platform allows you to limit this risk, for example, by setting a loss limit – the so-called stop loss. It consists of automatically closing a position when the market moves in a completely opposite direction than expected and the price reaches a certain level.

Another useful feature is the automatic closing of positions with a certain profit, i.e. setting the “Take Profit” level. Its use is justified mainly in places slightly above the line or resistance level or below the support line. Then the trader can take profits without risking that the price will bounce off this level and the profits will be lost.

The company, software, license, employees. These are the four main areas that a person planning to open a bookmaker should face. Our company iTizzi Software Development Company is ready to take over the development of a betting platform in Eastern Europe and make it easier for you to fight for a successful business.