Outsourcing of iTizzi specialists and expanding the team of developers and programmers in Ukraine


In addition to flexibility, this service guarantees efficiency in recruiting professionals, the ability to determine the time frame for which they should be hired, and adjust their number in accordance with the current needs of the organization. Moreover, outsourcing of IT staff in Lviv does not represent a fixed cost, which makes it easier to manage the project budget itself. Despite these undoubted advantages, the service still raises certain concerns and doubts. In today’s post, we’ll discuss three of the most popular ones.

High costs

It seems to many that outsourcing of IT staff is a very expensive solution, but according to reports, up to 60% of respondents consider the opportunity to reduce costs to be the biggest benefit of IT outsourcing. Unsurprisingly, in this solution, the costs associated with purchasing equipment, licenses, or hiring employees are usually covered by the service provider. He is also responsible for accessing the latest technology to enable commissioning.


People with a more traditional approach to management often believe that only a full-time employee will be able to do certain tasks well – they know the organization, they are there, and their activities are easier to control. In fact, companies in Odesa, Dnipro, Vinnytsia offering outsourcing of IT personnel can send experienced specialists from very narrow areas to the project, additionally offering tools that will make a cooperation with them, including remote cooperation, highly effective.


The concerns surrounding the security of a solution such as outsourcing IT staff are fully understood given the need to properly protect personal data. However, professional outsourcing company iTizzi is well aware of the severity of the situation and knows what procedures should be followed to ensure the security of both personal data and other types of data.

iTizzi Software Development Company offers outsourcing of IT personnel by recruiting and delegating to the client in the designated place specialists in the field of IT, telecommunications and electronics and related industries. This is an excellent organizational solution for companies that need to periodically or continuously replenish their IT departments with qualified specialists.

iTizzi is responsible for the full administrative services of the consultants delegated to the client, in particular for their recruitment and selection, staff documentation, payroll management and settlements with offices. In this model, we pay for the specialist’s hours worked on the project. The client does not bear the costs associated with vacations, sick leave, he pays the hours worked by the consultant.

IT team outsourcing

As a software manufacturer, iTizzi knows very well how important it is to build effective project teams and what factors influence the success of a project. Therefore, we take responsibility for the work entrusted to us. We know the problems of team building and are able to solve them. Therefore, we can be trusted with more and more responsible tasks. As a software manufacturer, we offer much more than just a workshop. We are ready to cooperate on a much wider scale, taking on some of the responsibility for quality and project management. You decide for yourself what will be the final model of cooperation and the scope of our responsibility.

What a model of cooperation with iTizzi Software Development Company in Eastern Europe might look like

We can start cooperation with the basic option, that is, with the traditional hiring of employees (body leasing). Our specialists supplement the client’s project team on a daily basis, working in his office or remotely, under the direct supervision of the specified person. Gradually, it is possible to hand over the implementation of the project to a team of all iTizzi employees, under the supervision of the client’s project manager. We take on not only software development but also all the responsibility associated with its implementation and maintenance.

In the IT staff outsourcing model, we offer the following cooperation models: