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The popularity of mobile devices is driving the development and creation of many mobile applications. iTizzi Software Development Company offers specialized mobile applications including:

When implementing a project, we focus on high quality, use our experience and innate gift to create modern solutions. We make the tool intuitive, we consider the user experience and satisfaction of everyone who uses it, and we manage the application we create. We provide full commitment, and after completion of the work, technical support and the ability to conduct marketing activities for the company cooperating with us.

Web application development – software development at iTizzi

We analyze customer needs, offer effective solutions and functionality, design to high standards, conduct internal tests and improve as needed, and offer technical support after software implementation. Internet applications (business software) are very popular nowadays mainly because of their versatility.

Examples of web application types:

Modern trends in the development of mobile applications – Ukraine, Eastern Europe

New information technologies provide us with many possibilities, which until recently were considered only theoretically. However, they also pose a serious problem for inexperienced developers.
This is perfectly demonstrated by mobile applications. The way they are created changes regularly – this is due not only to the growing demands of the users themselves, but also to the types of tools and technologies that we currently have access to.

We, the software development company iTizzi, Vinnytsia, want to comply with current standards, and the people who develop such programs in our company always remember a few of the most basic and important aspects of software development. We will briefly describe them for you.

Choosing a development environment

The main decision that we need to make before developing an application is the choice of the operating system. This is very important because it determines the type of programming language used, as well as the specific rules that we must follow at each stage of the project.

We have 3 options to choose from:

Of course, the quality of modern mobile applications is determined by the fact that they can be used on multiple platforms. However, we must be aware that software development is different for each platform. We are not dealing here with general standards that would make the whole thing easier.

Dedicated hybrid tools (also known as cross-platform) allow us to reduce costs and time, so we can quickly and efficiently program applications for all platforms at the same time.

User experience in mobile applications

The modern design of mobile solutions requires adherence to the principles of UX. They set coding standards that ensure that the final design is tailored as much as possible to the needs and requirements of end users.

The user experience, as the name suggests, defines the overall experience that recipients have when using the app. These include, but are not limited to, the simplicity of the interface, the look of the graphic design, access to the main parameters, as well as various features that allow the user to use the program without any problems.

Therefore, when developing mobile programs, we must remember about the appropriate readability of all options and instructions, the availability of the proposed solutions, an intuitive interface, pleasant-looking (but not flashy) graphic design and the implementation of solutions that will correctly guide the user through the specific functions of the program. We cannot forget that the aforementioned recipient experience also depends on the smooth operation of the application, its reliability and security.

What about the user interface?

In the area of ​​the general appearance of the interface, we can list several trends followed by software developers iTizzi, Kiev.

One of them is the so-called Flat Design, which renounces the three-dimensional effect of individual elements. Some of the interface components have been slightly smoothed out to improve system functionality All icons, colors and topography are consistent with each other. In the case of the iOs platform, we are dealing with Flat Design.

Material Design follows slightly different principles. We are still dealing with flat elements, which, however, can be slightly varied by adding more layers. Thus, we get a more user-friendly effect. Thanks to the use of the Z axis, we can talk about multidimensionality.

MD is used in the Windows Phone system, which is also associated with the so-called modern user interface. They are characterized, first of all, by the limitation (or even absence) of rounded edges, contrasting colors and high transparency of all content.

Principles of modern design of mobile applications for Windows Phone, iOS, Android

In addition to the issues raised in the above text, it is also worth mentioning a few simple nuances that currently set the standard in mobile app design. First of all, we must understand that less is more. Simplicity, minimalism and transparency greatly affect the user experience. Widely understood pomp and crushing the user with unnecessary information should be avoided.

When it comes to program navigation, trends are currently marked by solutions that definitely make it easier and faster to navigate through individual parameters. Don’t forget to personalize our app accordingly to better meet the needs of future recipients.

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