Mobile application as a way to stay ahead of competitors – directions and categories of mobile applications


Development of a mobile application in Ukraine

Designing a mobile application can be divided into two main areas: functionality and appearance. Both factors are equally important because while functionality should play the most important role because it contains the value of the product, graphics often engage users and encourage them to download an application. This is why these two phases of mobile app development are so important.

Functional design

Once the goals of the application have been precisely defined, the functional design process follows. At this stage, the developers prepare the entire architecture of the solution. Actions, type and function are planned. The mobile application should be designed in such a way that the user can quickly complete a specific task. For this reason, it is worth focusing on the main functionality, and limiting all secondary functions or even abandoning them altogether. At this stage, you need to remember the correct location of the buttons. Most often, clickable elements should be in a place that is easily accessible to your thumb. When designing functionality and transitions between screens, designers should provide simple, straightforward navigation. Users should have no problems navigating and running the app.

Graphic design

At this stage of creating the graphic design of the application, you should take care of a user-friendly interface, an appropriate color scheme, highlighting the product among competing solutions. The font should be selected in such a way as to ensure the legibility and legibility of the text. Icons and animations also play an important role in the creation of an application. They should be touch-sensitive and allow the user to move smoothly from one function to another.

Most popular mobile app categories in Eastern Europe

When placing an application on Google Play or the App Store, you must specify its category. When you publish your solution on the Google Store, you choose from thirty-three available categories, and on the Apple Store, from twenty-four. Below we present the most popular types of mobile applications, categorized by purpose.

Game development

Games make up the largest proportion of all apps available on both Google Play and the App Store. Users look forward to downloading solutions from this category as they entertain and dispel boredom. There are many types of products available in app stores, but the majority are arcades and puzzle games. Research shows that for several years now we have seen an increase in the number of downloads of mobile games. Users not only willingly install them, but also spend more and more money on them every year.

Lifestyle applications development

Lifestyle application development is very broad and covers many areas. They help organize activities and improve processes related to a widely understood lifestyle concept that applies to all aspects of daily life. First of all, relaxation, fitness, food, communication and hobbies. This category includes, among other things, all music applications, solutions that facilitate movement, travel planning and ordering food, as well as those that take care of our physical condition.

Social networks

Social media apps are some of the most downloaded solutions. Most social media users want constant access to their accounts and contacts, so they download them to their smartphones. In addition, mobile apps are easier to use and can quickly add photos and send videos. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Mobile apps that boost productivity

Productivity mobile apps are the development of business applications that help you organize and complete your tasks. They are often used in the implementation of projects, as well as for self-management of their own work. Examples of such solutions are Google Drive and iCloud, which give users instant access to documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that they can edit quickly and easily.

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