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We use them effectively in countless daily activities, from controlling diet and shopping to tracking news and social media activity. Useful mobile apps can help you achieve your company’s specific business goals. Working with the competent iTizzi Software Development Company in Eastern Europe will enable you to create mobile applications and software tailored to the needs and internal strategy of the company.

Mobile and web applications

Speaking about the design and creation of applications in Odesa, Dnipro, we must divide this element of our proposal into two categories:

Mobile applications are usually functional, their characteristic feature is the device on which they will be installed – smartphones or tablets. In Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Lviv, iTizzi creates mobile applications using various methods and programming languages ​​- Java, C #. Sometimes it seems like the right decision to write your own iOS or Android app, React JS, sometimes it can be hybrid technologies. Mobile applications work faster than web applications and have more features, it is easier to set up an individual service. In mobile applications, you can use all the attributes of a smartphone or tablet, such as a camera or access to photos.

On the other hand, web application development is the creation of internet tools that serve specific purposes and offer specific benefits to users. A common feature of web applications is that they are accessible through web browsers and the device on which they are used is irrelevant. This is, on the one hand, a huge advantage, on the other, a disadvantage. Web applications, usually running on the desktop, are ideal where complex tables, dashboards, and more are required. Mobile and web applications are complementary solutions and should not be seen as mutual alternatives.

An interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals, developers, programmers iTizzi guarantees the highest quality digital products

Mobile and web applications are often built together to form one ecosystem. An example is a situation when a mobile application available on a phone has an analog in the form of a web application available at the browser level. Panels for administering mobile applications are often written only as applications available on a computer in a web browser.

Custom Mobile Application Design and Development for Companies – Rationale and User Value

Mobile applications are a means that is designed to connect the end-user with a company, its products or the information they provide. When you create this type of interactive product, you need to justify its use based on the interests of the user. Whether a company plans to start developing mobile apps for iOS or Android, it must plan how much value it will bring to the life of its target group.

Downloading an application and setting up an account in it is associated with a commitment that the consumer must demonstrate. When dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of applications are created every day in different markets, it is necessary to develop an effective value proposition that will have a chance to convince a person to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him.

Competitive advantages of mobile applications for companies

If we have a solid foundation to build a mobile app, we can analyze the benefits of this solution. It turns out that it is not for nothing that he has so many supporters among companies that want to expand their business and become closer to their customers.

The Role of User Experience Design in a Mobile Application

A key role in the development process of a mobile application is to make it in such a way that, regardless of the device used, the consumer can get to the desired place as quickly and intuitively as possible. He doesn’t need any instructions or guidance. It is desirable that one of his actions lasts no longer than a few seconds. iTizzi Software Development Company allows you to create intuitive, modern, and efficient mobile apps according to the user’s habits. Tell us about your company and plans and we will try to advise you, answer any questions and offer a satisfactory solution.