ML and AI for businesses and enterprises in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe iTizzi Custom Software Development Company


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now in vogue in the software development world, especially in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. More and more organizations are looking to adopt AI to monitor market trends, keep up with competitors, or attract customers. At the same time, few people know how the magic of AI works and that it relies heavily on Data Science and data processing algorithms.

What is artificial intelligence?

Generally speaking, artificial intelligence is the ability of machines, computers or robots to mimic the human way of thinking and behaving. To be more specific, the basic human actions that AI must replicate are cognitive functions such as learning and problem solving, hence the name: machine learning and deep learning. But to do these things, AI needs clear data and the right data patterns to learn from if we want it to work as it should. AI engineers design algorithms based on inputs and use statistical models to predict the output while updating the output as new data becomes available. This, in turn, is provided by Data Science.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The terms “artificial intelligence” and “data science” are often used interchangeably, and in some ways they overlap. But they also differ and complement each other in other aspects. For example, Data Science uses structured and unstructured data to find hidden insights and value in these pieces of data. The goal of artificial intelligence is to apply the knowledge gained to a model or algorithm and implement that model.

Data Science’s mission is to influence business. This happens when it helps to find a solution to a specific problem. The solution can be a data product, or product recommendations, or ideas based on collected and analyzed data. This can include, for example, finding new directions to align company strategy, identifying opportunities, getting more accurate sales forecasts, or improving the product map step by step. The value of artificial intelligence lies in creating the ability to delegate painstaking, dangerous, or even impossible (for humans) tasks to machines that can think like humans: learn from the information received, analyze it and draw the right conclusions.

Providing services for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence products – Kiev, Dnipro, we help companies develop knowledge in the field of data science and empower their internal team to create products based on data.

ML and AI for businesses and enterprises in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

Our services: development of AI for startups, enterprises – Lviv, Vinnitsa

iTizzi Custom Software Development Company helps clients globally automate their business operations, increase productivity and deliver outstanding user experience by building AI-powered enterprise software, Odessa, machine learning web apps, mobile apps, and more.

  1. Artificial neural networks. Development of artificial intelligence software solutions based on neural networks for data management, pattern and sequence recognition.
  2. Machine learning and deep learning. Data clustering, unsupervised machine learning algorithms for intuitive, highly responsive enterprise solutions and tools.
  3. Chatbots based on artificial intelligence, Vinnitsa. Help develop, configure and train smart chatbots for personalized and effective communication with clients.
  4. Computer vision. Software solutions and multimedia applications for digital or real image processing, face / object recognition, vehicle detection, smart surveillance.
  5. Analytical systems. Build self-learning machine learning systems to identify patterns, trends and errors in consumer behavior and provide users with a fully customizable experience.
  6. Business Intelligence. Leverage business intelligence and machine learning, data management and modeling solutions to automate decision making and help predict business risks and ensure security.
  7. Automation solutions. Intelligent enterprise machine learning systems that analyze your enterprise’s big data to optimize supply chain management, sales funnels and financial transactions.
  8. Natural language processing. Advanced technologies for language processing and recognition, software solutions for language interpretation and generation.


Our Kiev based data processing software development specialists have deep practical knowledge of the latest machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data tools, as well as best practices in software architecture, user-centered design, web development, mobile app development and development. cloud platforms.

Areas we work with:

Find your own data science development team at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company. This is a team that is already developing AI solutions, Kiev, Dnipro from idea to design, implementation and support, regardless of scale, industry and complexity. A team you can trust.

Build artificial intelligence applications to process wearable data, provide more accurate diagnostics and analyze datasets to advance medical research.

Customized asset management systems, payment and transaction records, fraud detection, predictive analytics, credit risk assessments, customer referrals and loyalty programs.

Data analytics for smart home and IoT devices powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence, automotive software, smart vehicles, advanced sensor data analytics, and facial recognition solutions.

Advanced data analytics and high-quality self-learning automation software solutions for intelligent weather forecasting to optimize operations and improve flight safety.

Apply big data and predictive analytics to analyze network and security issues in real time, handle cellular usage to improve customer experience, and tailor-made solutions for marketing agility.

ML and AI for businesses and enterprises in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

Robotics software development: voice, face and speech recognition, sensory data processing and artificial intelligence development for training robots.

Developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions for FinTech at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

First, there is a commercial component in the work of any financial organization. Like other businesses, they strive to make a profit and achieve this by selling their services and bringing value to their customers. They also have competitors – other fintech companies, so marketing efforts, including sales and marketing campaigns, lead generation, communication with customers and finding their pain points, go a long way. Let’s take a look at a few characteristics of our AI implementations in FinTech:

Robust cybersecurity

With collected and validated data, skillful data analysis efforts, and a well-trained machine learning model, your computer systems can become more secure against attacks. The model tracks user behavior and gradually learns to distinguish between common and suspicious behaviors. As a result, the system prevents further actions or notifies users or security managers of potential threats. Suspicious behavior can include unusually high transactions, multiple accounts with similar information showing up over a short period of time, or unusually frequent purchases. An example of a fraud detection mechanism is risk-based user authentication. The fraud detection engine determines the required level of authentication based on the calculated risk profile for each channel request using customer analytics.

More effective marketing and sales

The number one challenge in marketing is the right customer group. Data science can help you analyze existing data and identify patterns, behavior, costs, and more. Data analysis clustering technique can help you segment your audience for a more targeted approach.

By using user browsing history and social media interaction data, combined with machine learning, you can determine the best channels to advertise your products and services. AI also helps automate various processes of interaction with your customers, such as processing customer feedback and analyzing user journey. Use the knowledge gained to create a more effective marketing strategy, create advanced mapping of key customer networks, and more.

Accurate and well-cleaned test data, combined with predictive analytics models, can help you predict which products or services will generate more interest in your audience, so you can adjust dynamic pricing, sell projects, and boost your sales strategy.

Personalized customer relationships

Collect relevant data to create accurate user profiles. The multichannel nature of modern business-customer interaction allows us to collect tons of personal information about users: their age and gender, family members, civil status, movement, preferences, purchases, everyday activities such as renovating a home or starting a job, business, financial situation, regular income , transaction history and much more. Use data to analyze user behavior and machine learning to adjust your actions accordingly.

Who doesn’t love a personal touch? Rely on the development of machine learning algorithms Kharkiv to collect and process customer data and personalize your offers much faster and more efficiently. The use of customer data helps to better predict their future behavior and reduce the percentage of customer churn using the method of logistic regression analysis. As a result, you will know to whom to deliver additional notifications, schedule callbacks, send specific pop-ups, or take other preventive measures to keep your customers loyal. An interesting example of artificial intelligence for the fintech industry, Odessa is a robot consultant that offers automated digital investment advice based on collected client profile information.

iTizzi Custom Software Development Company has been a trusted software development partner for many years, Lviv with extensive experience in data science and artificial intelligence. Our software engineers are well versed in a variety of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, including databases, frameworks, and libraries. We can offer our skills and knowledge to startups in the financial technology sector, as well as to enterprises and existing companies: we always like to create new and creative projects.