Launching a start-up project at iTizzi, Ukraine – or a successful business undertaking


Anyone who has tried their hand at starting and running their own business knows how tedious, difficult and risky it can be. Lack of permanent “staff” remuneration, a lot of formalities, the need to take care of every little thing can demotivate a young entrepreneur from the very beginning. Complicated tax regulation and high tax burden do not help either. In many cases, large private development and programming companies such as iTizzi Software Development Company in Ukraine come to the aid of entrepreneurs. For many “dreamers”, creating and launching a startup is a real opportunity to bring their ideas to life and contribute to the economic development of Eastern Europe. It often happens that a young entrepreneur with experience, enthusiasm for work, and fullness of ideas is forced to abandon his plans or postpone them for a while because he lacks the most important thing – start-up capital.

What is a start-up project and how does the development process take place at iTizzi Software Development Company?

The startup has been working in the minds of young Ukrainian entrepreneurs for only a few years. This term has been known in the West for much longer than in Eastern Europe, and it was here that the tradition of developing startups and providing them with financial assistance was born. “Startup” means an enterprise created with the aim of developing a specific business model, finding new sales markets and achieving rapid financial growth. This is primarily due to enterprises related to information and communication technologies (IT), since this type of company is currently developing the most dynamically. However, any business model can become a startup, and any company or business can apply for financial assistance for its development. If you want to easily characterize startups, you can highlight their most important features, which include:

Launching start-up projects – who is it for?

One of the main advantages of developing a startup is the low entry threshold – in most cases, no start-up capital is required to open such a business. It also means that anyone can start a new business model, regardless of experience or accumulated capital. Young people, as a rule, cannot raise enough funds to start their own business in a short time, in addition, financial institutions, due to the lack of developed creditworthiness, are not very favorable for issuing loans. For these reasons, startups are very popular with young people. An important factor that attracts a younger group of entrepreneurs is the opportunity to acquire the necessary business experience. Due to the fact that starting your own business is not associated with the risk of losing money (this risk lies with the “investors”), but requires only a significant investment of time. Even the failure of the project will bring the entrepreneur new experience and skills that will certainly come in handy in future business activities.

Launch of start-up projects by iTizzi Software Development Company

Before applying for funding, it is worth considering whether this business plan has a real chance of success, whether you are ready for all the hardships awaiting the economic market, and whether all the planned aspects of the activity have been sufficiently developed. You can also use the help of our company iTizzi in the development of applications and software, in the creation of startups, in the development of mobile applications in Kyiv and Dnipro. We also offer comprehensive support programs for start-up entrepreneurs in Vinnytsia and Odesa. They help to “turn” an idea into a new business, into a truly stable company in the market. The effectiveness of entrepreneurial initiatives, their intensity, and scale depend not only on the entrepreneur himself but also on the environment and the nature of the economic system. Support for entrepreneurship in the incubation process includes the provision of specific services, the formation of an economic and social environment favorable for the entrepreneur, as well as professional assistance in conducting independent business activities. Upon completion of the incubation process, the project manager prepares a report. It is a record of the history of a startup from start to finish, the progress made by the entrepreneur, and directions in which direction the business should proceed.