ITizzi Software Development Company Trends and Services in the FinTech Sector


Consumers around the world are ready for digital transformation and expect products and services that give them the complete convenience of accessing them anytime, anywhere, and no matter what device they are using. FinTech solutions meet these needs.

Development of processes for introducing piece intelligence and machine learning in various areas of business for automation

New technologies, including artificial intelligence, are increasingly entering the world of finance, as well as consulting services, industry, and medicine. In a 2018 survey, every tenth EU resident admitted that over the past 12 months, his main tasks at work have changed due to the introduction of new software or hardware. In turn, one in six had to learn how to work with new software or devices. Such tendencies, maybe more slowly, are coming to the Eastern part of Europe as well. According to the data, technological changes most often affected the work of residents of Iceland (22%) and Denmark (16%), in Ukraine they were felt by about 5% of employees. Interestingly, according to experts, solutions using artificial intelligence will save up to 40 percent of the time spent searching for information.

AI company iTizzi believes that in the coming years, the development of business IT technologies will be especially influenced by augmented intelligence – this name was used to distinguish business applications of artificial intelligence algorithms from simple automation of various areas of business.

Huge investment and digitization

As customers become more digital, demanding, and technologically advanced, the legacy banking infrastructure is constantly being redesigned to support new ways of interacting and improving the quality of the services offered. In response to growing competitive pressures and rising expectations of people, financial institutions around the world are investing in digital transformation projects. It is important to note that the basis for the implementation and effective use of technologies in business will most often be the cloud computing model. On the other hand, real attention is being paid to blockchain technology and individual blockchain solutions (Blockchain applications), which could soon revolutionize the functioning of many organizations.

Development of mobile applications at iTizzi

Fintech companies make the process of migrating customers to mobile channels faster and faster. With the help of modern applications, fintech companies can already offer convenient and improved access to various banking services and payments. Financial apps are by far the most benefiting from market growth and mobile app usage. These include solutions such as account aggregation, payment, and investment management.

FinTech is becoming common and even necessary.

The concept of open banking has spread all over the world and will contribute to the further development of financial products. Strengthening consumer protection and legal competition is beneficial for the banking sector and will spur innovation in the financial services sector. FinTech companies have tremendous opportunities available to them. New technologies will make it possible to provide services at a much lower cost than in traditional banks. Thus, barriers to entry will be lower, which means that the banking sector will become more accessible.

iTizzi cooperates with enterprises from different industries, expanding their capabilities and making them more efficient in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnytsia. The process of introducing the latest technologies helps to optimize internal processes and reduce company costs. iTizzi is primarily engaged in the development of tailor-made FinTech and Blockchain solutions, development, and programming. We have extensive experience in working with medium and large businesses. We will create a solution for you that will take your business to a new level of productivity, thanks to the services:

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are distinctive examples of FinTech in action. Cryptocurrency exchanges allow users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But beyond cryptocurrency, blockchain services help reduce fraud by storing lineage data on the blockchain. And while cryptocurrency and even blockchain may be a somewhat controversial use of FinTech, in recent years they have definitely taken a piece of the investment world by storm.