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We hear a lot about artificial intelligence and machine learning. But what is it?

Artificial intelligence is the reproduction of human intelligence in machines that allows devices to mimic human behavior and perform human actions such as speech recognition and decision making. Machine learning, as a form of artificial intelligence application, refers to the ability of a computer to learn, evolve, and adapt to new data without the need for human programming.

Are these technologies new? Not completely. Work on the basics has been going on for some time, but it is only through access to “big data” that these technologies have been applied. They use data-hungry algorithms. Of course, it is not only about their number but also about their variety. Consumer preferences, attitudes, and goals are expressed in many different ways on social media platforms through product reviews and content searches. The variety of data available has broadened the range of AI and machine learning applications, making models more accurate and valuable by plotting them on broader and more diverse datasets.

Where and how can AI and machine learning be used in Ukraine?

AI is extremely widely used in digital and mobile marketing. Advertisers can use data generated by mobile phone users to improve their consumer experience. They do this by setting up online ads or offering discounts to customers who are physically close to certain stores. AI-powered voice shopping and voice shopping assistants are also changing consumer shopping behavior. They force customers to search more often for products from new categories, deepen their searches within the same product category, and spend money differently. The main driving force behind these changes is the convenience that these devices provide.

We can also observe interesting values ​​of AI in the context of health care. Artificial intelligence algorithms can help us predict a pandemic, identify people at high risk, and develop treatments. For example, a small start-up specializing in artificial intelligence technologies reportedly identified early cases of COVID-19 before the World Health Organization issued its first official statement. As more data is collected, machine learning models can be developed to help people measure and update information about the risk of infection based on a person’s medical history, where they live and how they travel.

Litigation also generates a tremendous amount of data. This naturally allows AI and machine learning to be applied in this area. For example, algorithms can be used to analyze a large number of user comments on the web to determine if a consumer’s decision could have influenced a manufacturer’s allegedly misleading statement. Similarly, such algorithms can be used to analyze whether patterns arising from the massive amount of data generated by financial transactions are consistent with suspected illegal behavior.

Most companies adopting artificial intelligence have seen tangible benefits

Artificial intelligence (AI) is similar in potential to nuclear power, but unlike it, it is not easy to control. Geoffrey Dean, director of artificial intelligence development at Google, said that significant progress has been made in artificial intelligence over the past ten years, in terms of expanding the capabilities of machines in areas such as natural language translation and image recognition. Judging by Dean’s words, the creation and implementation of artificial intelligence systems capable of performing many tasks, the development, and implementation of machine learning processes in various areas of business are simply necessary for automation in the modern world.

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