iTizzi – Implementation of Artificial Intelligence – a Chance for Company Development in Ukraine


Equally important, however, is the cross-transformation through which AI (artificial intelligence) is changing the world of modern business, supporting the digitization and development of companies across many industries.

What is Artificial Intelligence for Business? Rather than citing one of the thousands of definitions, it is better to characterize it as an opportunity. Because there is no doubt that the use of artificial intelligence algorithms is, first, a chance for the real development of the company. And even more – a chance to transform your business model and enrich it with a number of additional values ​​and open up completely new development prospects.

To implement artificial intelligence solutions in a company, three main components are required: data, properly prepared algorithms that process this data, and the computing power of devices that will use these algorithms. As practice shows, recently it is access to computing power at a sufficiently high level has become limiting, often blocking the introduction of AI solutions into the business world. This is not surprising – the performance requirements of AI hardware solutions are growing extremely rapidly. Over the next five years, AI computing power is projected to account for more than 80% of the total computing power used by the global community. It is more beneficial to use specialized AI circuits that provide higher performance only in the desired area of ​​work. Despite such measures, the cost of artificial intelligence solutions is expected to rise globally. According to the report, the global market value of technologies, devices, and artificial intelligence experts will exceed USD 6 trillion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 30% in 2017-2025. The reason is simple – more and more companies are interested in applying effective solutions using artificial intelligence. However, in order to start using them, they must change the way of thinking of management, employees and operating procedures of the company.

AI in practice

To date, iTizzi Software Development Company has worked with dozens of partners across Eastern Europe to promote and automate businesses. AI, machine learning products, and solutions have been implemented in dozens of industries, such as smart transportation, electricity, smart finance, city, manufacturing. In Vinnytsia, Odesa, Dnipro, Kyiv, iTizzi offers cooperation and application of artificial intelligence solutions in retail, healthcare, education, and other areas.

iTizzi provides end-to-end support for all digital and intelligent transformation scenarios for industries, helping developers innovate across a variety of AI application scenarios. Backed by developers with a track record of building sophisticated AI applications, iTizzi helps solve real-world problems across industries, add business value, and help the global AI ecosystem flourish. The use of AI solutions is already helping the information and communications technology industry to improve efficiency, protect human safety and product quality. Interestingly, AI solutions in many countries are even helping doctors diagnose COVID-19 infections, thereby enhancing healthcare efficiency and helping to save lives.

An Integrated Approach to Artificial Intelligence at iTizzi Software Development Company:

  1. Innovation in architecture, investment in creating a foundation for the development of artificial intelligence.
  2. Innovation across a wide range of processors. iTizzi chooses processors for a very wide range of applications. From typical complex computing operations, operations designed for smartphones and other mobile devices, to microcircuits that control smart displays.
  3. iTizzi offers, among other things, cloud service components and supports partners in the development of integrated hardware (servers and PCs).
  4. Creation of an open ecosystem.