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When looking for software, the client has two options: he can use the off-the-shelf product or choose a solution that will be prepared from scratch, taking into account the nature of his business. While option one wins in terms of affordability, it is more likely that custom software will better meet all customer requirements. After all, a universal program simply does not exist. Each finished product has its own limitations, so if you want to be a satisfied customer, you should try using a version of the software created especially for you by our company iTizzi.

Trust the experts of the software development company – Ukraine, (Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnytsia) and Eastern Europe

Custom software development consists of several stages: planning, analysis, design, implementation and approval. But for the client, the most important thing is the beginning and end of cooperation with an IT company, that is, finding the right specialists, and then collecting and using ready-made software. If you want to be sure that the cooperation will go smoothly and its effect will meet your expectations, contact the software development experts at iTizzi.

Stage 1 – Planning
Planning is often more complex than it might seem. Meanwhile, this is the most important stage. This is where the goal of the project is set. Planning should always be preceded by a business analysis and feasibility study.

Stage 2 – Analysis
The contractor should not start work without detailed project discussion and risk assessment. At this stage, the IT company collects all the requirements from its client, prioritizes and defines tasks for each employee. The development team needs to know who will be the user of the software, what its functions are, and in what environment it will be used.

Stage 3 – Design
At this stage, the concept and architecture of the software are created. Programmers develop interfaces, components, data structures, and algorithms. There is also an abstract specification with constraints in which the software will run. The result of work on the project is visual and textual documentation.

Stage 4 – Implementation
Implementation is the transformation of previously created specifications into working software. At this stage, the customer can sit comfortably in a chair with coffee and a donut, patiently waiting for the finished product. However, this does not mean that his vigilance can go into hibernation! The iTizzi software development team will regularly update the client on the progress of the software implementation.

Stage 5 – Software Testing and Validation
Software testing is intended to prove that the software meets the pre-prepared specifications and customer requirements. A team of programmers checks the written code for possible errors. By detecting violations early in production, you avoid having to make changes to the entire software architecture at a later stage. Working on new software and then implementing it is a journey full of unexpected adventures. Working with the reliable IT company iTizzi Software Development Company, we minimize the risk of unpleasant and costly surprises (this is why the research from stage 1 is being carried out). It is worth choosing the best offer of specialists who will provide excellent contact, professional work, and after returning the finished product, they will take care of the software they have created.

A finished product or a custom product?

Much depends on how “narrower” you need the software. However, if you want the product to be prepared for the company in strict accordance with your recommendations, there should be no problem answering.

The range of competencies of the Ukrainian company iTizzi in software development and programming: