IT services for the development of software and programs for businesses and companies – Outsourcing IT in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, Kyiv, Odesa, Ukraine


Many companies, especially small ones, struggle with a lack of effective IT infrastructure and ineffective management of internal processes. One of the obstacles to success is the high cost of maintaining your own IT department. Entrepreneurs are looking for a solution that not only optimizes performance, but also reduces costs. One of the most effective ways to effectively manage company resources is IT outsourcing.

Outsourcing is an abbreviation for outside – resource – using, which denotes a business strategy based on hiring an external service provider. The main goal is to reduce costs, but the idea is that if there is something that someone can do better than us, then it is worth taking advantage of it. IT outsourcing, Lviv means the transfer of IT services to a specialized external company – iTizzi Software Development Company, which is primarily responsible for the efficient functioning of the infrastructure.

iTizzi Software Development Company offers you IT services. We provide services to companies operating in Ukraine and abroad – in Eastern Europe. As part of the provided IT services, we develop optimal IT solutions that allow our customers to gain a competitive advantage. Experience helps us build long-term cooperation with the client. Programming, software and software development, IT services for companies are our main activities, which we complement with an innovative approach to IT services. By starting cooperation with us, you will acquire a business partner, whose experience is confirmed by many reviews.

We also provide IT outsourcing, Vinnytsia as part of the competencies required on a short or periodic basis. A good example is the support service that we can constantly provide during periods of increased traffic from a client, for example, during the implementation of a new solution or a change of location.

We have an individual approach to the needs of each client. We offer the following types of services:

A – Comprehensive IT support for companies. Small, medium and large enterprises.

B – Outsourcing of some services such as HelpDesk or Data backup.

С – Remote service in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe

Why decide to outsource IT services to iTizzi Software Development Company?

When deciding to outsource IT at iTizzi:

IT outsourcing at iTizzi – range of services

The expansion of IT staff at iTizzi covers a wide range of services in areas such as software and software development for businesses and companies, IT help desk, data backup, maintenance, server administration and computer network management.

Technical support and software development for your company in Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv

Technical support is where we handle all your urgent requests:

Diagnostics of IT problems and service

We diagnose every problem and comprehensively repair your hardware and software. Our services include:

Data protection and backup

We will make backups, take care of archiving and implement entire data protection systems. We carry out:

Server administration

Server administration as part of IT outsourcing, Dnipro at iTizzi includes services such as:

Computer network management

IT support of companies, Kiev in the field of computer network management – these are activities such as:

Outsource IT services, developers for companies and corporations at iTizzi – rely on the expertise of the experts

Comprehensive IT services for companies at iTizzi will save you a lot of time, improve your company’s operations, reduce IT service costs and get many other benefits that will make it much easier for you to achieve your goals and earn money. Give us a call or send an email, and we will answer all your questions.