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We create specialized software to meet individual customer needs based on detailed analysis of business goals and adaptation to existing IT systems.

By creating software for companies, we have gained extensive experience and analytical competencies in various sectors of the economy, such as logistics, metallurgy, banking, and medicine.

We create desktop and web software, mobile applications and cloud systems, AI solutions, blockchain and much more.

Outsourcing of IT services – Kiev, Lviv

Our outsourcing service offer is based on:

Why you should entrust us with software development:

Data management

For many years, we have been dealing with the processing and management of our clients’ data. Our services cover areas such as:

Data Warehouses, Big Data, Business Intelligence

We will help you take care of your data, its quality and the quality of decisions based on the processed data. Full technical support.

Data security and identity management

We have experience implementing many products that perform data security functions in areas such as firewall, data masking, data encryption, objects and requests, and user authentication and management.

System integration and optimization and data migration

We provide various services related to systems, applications and data integration processes, the purpose of which is to improve the efficiency of business processes. We offer optimization of IT systems without introducing radical organizational and structural changes. Furthermore, we do this by choosing and making the right use of available hardware and software resources, and by optimizing the database, including fixing the application architecture and SQL code. We offer support in the processes of data migration between systems, ensuring data security, completeness of transfer, maintaining continuity of access to systems and validation of the process.


In our projects, we are increasingly using development in Blockchain technology to store and transmit data about transactions concluded on the Internet. Blockchain is revolutionizing the way transactions are concluded, settled and recorded. This is a completely secure technology, resistant to counterfeiting and all kinds of manipulations, and transactions stored on the blockchain are irreversible.

IT infrastructure

We provide our clients with a flexible IT infrastructure (cloud, server and backup) that allows easy access to data and optimization of the company’s day-to-day business activities.

We offer specialized and most optimal solutions adapted to the current IT infrastructure of the client’s company, which ensures long-term investment protection and security. We offer a range of functional and innovative solutions for the IT infrastructure of companies.

Cloud solutions

We provide cloud solutions in all leading vendor environments and all cloud-related services. We can help you migrate your IT infrastructure and applications to a service-based cloud computing. We offer comprehensive cloud infrastructure migration and maintenance services and cloud computing software development.

Software. Created especially for you

At iTizzi, we do not offer you the usual standard solutions. Our high standards of consulting and quality make each recommendation a solution tailored to your company’s needs. Our work is completed only when new and existing software work together. Therefore, we do not just adapt market software solutions to your needs, but design and develop software that is exclusively tailored to your individual needs.

Customers of iTizzi Software Development Company in Vinnytsia, Odessa, Dnipro, Lvov, Kiev do not need to adapt to the software – we adapt the software to the needs of our customers.

Using recognized software development methods, we ensure its quality. It is based on analyzes of existing IT systems, business processes and data. This stage of the process requires working with the client to determine which solution is best suited. At the end of this consultation phase, a technical specification is drawn up that covers all requirements and technical details, as well as the mandatory next steps. Our programmers carry out the subsequent implementation and integration of the application, adapting the necessary software to the requirements of your company.

We do not leave you after the completion of the project. With a comprehensive IT service that includes operations, maintenance and software support.

If you are looking for a specific solution for your company or want to learn more about software development at iTizzi Software Development Company – Ukraine, Eastern Europe, give us a call or send an email.

evelopment and outsourcing of IT services in Ukraine, Kyiv, Odesa, Ukraine