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The challenge of finding the right IT talent within hiring opportunities is an increasingly dynamic phenomenon. Both outsourcing and leasing are solutions that provide convenient cooperation. The client receives from us, for example, a programmer who is an expert and has all the skills necessary to carry out the tasks set by our business partner. It can be available full-time or part-time, and the level of commitment can be adjusted on an ongoing basis based on current needs.

What kind of IT outsourcing specialists can you find in our team?

Technical consultant

This is the person responsible for contacting the client. Its task is to establish a relationship with the customer, identify their needs, and then explain them to the developers responsible for tailoring the software to the needs of a particular business partner. In addition, technical consultants also independently develop simpler solutions that do not require high programming skills.


After an initial understanding of the client’s needs by a technical consultant, the analyst’s task is to carefully analyze them, collect accurate demand, create business descriptions, analyze the processes in the company and bring them into a document that is understandable for both business and programmers, it forms the basis for further work planning. over the project.


Our developers are responsible for customizing solutions according to customer needs in an area that requires programming skills. They create and modify CRM solutions in Dynamics 365, a platform that supports electronic data flow, such as Microsoft SharePoint, the Microsoft Azure cloud, or a customer support module that is Microsoft Customer Service (formerly Customer Engagement). You can hire one programmer or the whole team.

Software architect

The task of the architect is to combine the skills of an analyst, consultant and programmer to a certain extent, as well as thoroughly analyze and understand the client’s problem, plan and create a solution structure, prepare a work schedule, and constantly manage the team. In addition, the architects themselves are also involved in the programming process itself.

What exactly can our programmers and architects do?

Programming in various languages, libraries, development of websites, platforms and complex web systems, unit testing and automated functional testing, databases, development of games and applications of various formats.

What is the difference between outsourcing, leasing?

IT outsourcing is the transfer of IT-related activities outside the given enterprise and outsourcing to an external company iTizzi, Kiev, Odessa. Usually this is an activity designed to reduce the costs associated with maintaining a department in a company, which, for example, is not decisive for its day-to-day work. This allows the organization to focus on the most important priorities while completing activities that have been performed internally so far. This method is used not only in IT, but in all areas of service and production.

Body leasing

Many people who follow the IT market, but have not tried to learn more about it, cannot distinguish IT outsourcing from leasing. Therefore, we decided to explain the differences between them. The main difference is their goals. Leasing of IT personnel is the temporary employment of IT specialists with competencies in various areas of software development and development, the purpose of which is to implement, for example, one project, and not to partially or completely replace the IT department in a company.

Thus, leasing services are also used by companies that do not need an IT department in everyday conditions, but currently need leasing services, for example, to implement a CRM system, electronic document management or other software. This will help improve business operations. On the other hand, we will talk about outsourcing mainly in the context of partial or complete and long-term replacement of the existing responsibilities of the IT department.

Do you need a programmer or a team of IT specialists who will improve the work in your company?

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