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IT outsourcing is an extremely popular service chosen by many companies in Eastern Europe, both large and small. An alternative solution to this is to hire qualified employees and create an IT department. We at iTizzi will analyze both solutions based on a comparison, showing their strengths and weaknesses.

IT outsourcing and complex IT solutions for business in Kyiv and Odesa

Outsourcing involves the assignment of certain types of activities to an external company specializing in their implementation. According to the above definition, IT outsourcing is the transfer of IT services to an external company, ensuring that tasks are completed by a group of qualified specialists. Simply put, IT outsourcing is an external IT department. By choosing IT outsourcing, you get access to qualified specialists. When organizing an IT department in your company, you need to find professionals, providing them with the appropriate working conditions. Building an IT department poses a multitude of challenges, and bringing invaluable talent is not an easy task.

External or internal IT department in Vinnytsia and Lviv?

IT outsourcing is a way to provide efficient and effective IT services while reducing the cost of doing business. How is this possible?

External IT support for companies means full control over IT outsourcing costs and reducing personnel costs, due to the absence of the need to hire additional specialists. Building an internal IT department requires not only money but also work and commitment to building a stable organization. On the other hand, an external IT department, outsourcing is the assignment of tasks to an external company, thanks to which you can more diligently focus on running your own company.

Who is the IT outsourcing service intended for?

This service is intended primarily for companies providing services and selling goods, manufacturing, and trading companies from the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises.

When is the best time to use an IT outsourcing service?

Each entrepreneur must answer this question himself. Much depends on the stage of development and the nature of the business. If there is a need to implement new IT solutions, expand IT infrastructure and at the moment this is impossible due to the lack of qualified employees, this is a signal that it is time to think about using an IT outsourcing service. IT outsourcing is a service addressed to entrepreneurs who care about the development of the company, use the services of third-party companies specializing in performing specific tasks, realizing the importance of modern IT and technical solutions, and at the same time taking care of optimizing the costs of their business.

What do you get by choosing IT outsourcing? Scope of services of the company iTizzi

The most important service provided within the framework of IT outsourcing is the integrated management of the IT-sphere and subordinate structures. Specialists will design, implement, and then monitor the processes taking place in the IT system.

As part of expanding your IT staff, you entrust IT, specialists, with maintaining servers, networks, databases, and other devices and receive professional advice on choosing IT solutions.

When you decide to outsource IT, you will receive:

IT outsourcing is a service of providing developers for companies and corporations that meets the growing demand of companies in the field of expanding IT infrastructure and introducing new IT solutions in the company.