IT outsourcing – how to ensure successful cooperation? iTizzi Software Development Company


There are various offers on the market, some of them are distinguished by a wide range of services provided at a low price. Before starting cooperation, it is worth paying attention to certain criteria, which we will talk about in detail in today’s article.

Communication is the basis for successful cooperation

In the case of IT outsourcing, one of the most important tasks of the company is the selection and implementation of suitable solutions. So, you need to find a partner who can make changes to your organization in accordance with your requirements. For cooperation to be successful, you need to keep in touch with specialists and discuss the implemented solutions. How to check the speed of the company’s reaction to inquiries before starting work? This is a big challenge. Of course, you can email the company, check how quickly calls are answered, how long it takes to get a response when a request is sent through the contact form. However, this method is not entirely reliable. First of all, because a completely different department may be responsible for contacts with new clients in the company, for example, for preparing proposals.

Undeniably transparent communication rules are one of the most important criteria for iTizzi’s work in the IT outsourcing business. Collaboration is much more difficult without effective communication. This problem is especially true for small companies that are just starting their own business. More often than not, the models of communication with customers have not yet been developed, and the divisions of the company are not fully prepared to process many orders at the same time.

Methodology of the company

If you’ve decided to partner with an IT services company, one of your top priorities is finding a reliable partner who can provide you with solutions tailored to your business needs. Contact your chosen IT company. Ask about the methodology of work, the tools used, the experience, the timing of the project.

Integrated IT services at iTizzi, Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv

A large IT company, which employs highly qualified specialists, is most often distinguished by experience and a wide range of services offered. When you start working with this company, you must be sure that it will be able to offer and implement solutions in your organization that will meet the growing needs of the company.

Remember that the wider the offer of an IT outsourcing company, the more opportunities you will get. The development of your company requires the implementation of modern solutions that improve business processes. There may always come a time when you need IT services that go beyond the standard IT outsourcing offering. Choosing the iTizzi company with an extensive offer and services for Eastern Europe, you can negotiate favorable terms of cooperation.

Correspondence of price to the range of services offered

On the market, you can find offers from companies with a very wide price range. Of course, when making a decision, you should be guided by the price, but first of all, you need to consider what is behind this price. Adequacy of prices for the services offered by the company is of fundamental importance. Sometimes it is worth choosing a more expensive offer in exchange for a wider range of services. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are too often driven by low prices alone.

To summarize, a successful partnership with a company offering an IT staff expansion depends on many factors that should be taken into account when choosing the right partner. The method and speed of communication, the time of preparation and implementation of solutions, as well as the possibility of expanding cooperation through new services are important. However, the price should be of secondary importance, where the most important thing is compliance with the volume of the offered service.

iTizzi in Vinnytsia, Odesa provides top-level IT outsourcing services. As we strive to be closer to the customer, we take the time to talk to him and thoroughly understand his needs. Our strengths are, above all, flexibility, speed of action, and knowledge of the industry. Moreover, our clients have the opportunity to hire IT specialists who have proven themselves well when working on various types of projects.