IT outsourcing for business. Answers to the most popular questions from iTizzi Software Development Company – Ukraine, Eastern Europe


Henry Ford argued: “If there is something that we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper, and better than our competitors, it makes no sense for us to do it; we have to hire someone to do the job better. “

What is outsourcing at iTizzi Software Development Company in Vinnytsia, Odesa and Dnipro? It is the outsourcing of IT operations related to tasks, functions, projects, and processes to an external company. This reduces the cost of maintaining IT equipment. Anywhere in Eastern Europe, you can choose from at iTizzi:

IT outsourcing is a long-term activity. The most popular outsourced areas in Kyiv and Lviv are:

Outsourcing has its advantages and disadvantages, and you must remember to use this service responsibly and for its intended purpose. The right decisions can be beneficial and profitable and strengthen the company. The wrong decisions can lead to increased costs and decreased organization value.

How to understand whether your company needs IT services for companies / IT outsourcing / DevOps engineering services?

Of course, we will help you take care of any computer network, expand its infrastructure, including mobile, and guarantee remote support.

Using our services allows clients to reduce unnecessary costs associated with hiring and training employees. Our experts will advise whether your company needs outsourcing and what steps will help strengthen the company in the market and increase profits. It is important for us to establish cooperation with you so that both companies benefit from this and receive a positive effect from their work.

Why does a company in Ukraine need outsourcing and complex IT solutions for a successful Internet business?

ITizzi’s IT outsourcing services include:

We will make sure that your computer networks are not disrupted and do not cause any problems.

Do you need fully customizable software? We create web applications based on the needs and business goals of the company.

Contrary to its appearance, the inventory of computer equipment is a very important activity. This will make it possible to correctly assess the development situation of the company and contribute to savings when expanding the computer infrastructure.

The IT support offer for companies includes services such as cleaning, maintaining and upgrading devices.

How many times has something stopped working in the company and you said that it was not urgent, and then it turned out that it was still a serious breakdown? By concluding a contract with us, we will make sure that everything always works as it should.

We will ensure the security of data – personal data, important data on your disks.

We will take care of the security of the data stored on this device by updating the software.

We will make sure that the data is safe, and the copies are always up to date, when the computer stops working, you will not lose important data.

We create applications based on the needs, requirements and business goals of the company.