How to launch an online casino in Ukraine? Registration and opening of a turnkey online casino, iTizzi, Kyiv, Odesa, Ukraine


The growth of the industry means that new potential entrepreneurs are starting to think about starting this type of business. While it might seem easier to launch this activity than in the case of a land-based casino, it should be remembered that there are some things that cannot be “bypassed” and missed. So, let’s consider the issue of developing a platform for an online casino in Ukraine, Kiev.

Gambling is undoubtedly an activity where you can make good money. While playing, we are not 100% sure that we will succeed, but if we decide to open an online casino, we are almost sure of financial success. As a casino owner, we earn regardless of the outcome of the game. We also have an advantage over the players participating in the competition, and we can take full advantage of our privileged position in this regard.

A web platform for online casinos is definitely a chance for a financial breakthrough as it is a highly profitable business. Unlike land-based casinos in Odessa, Vinnytsia, the creation of their virtual online version is much easier and does not require a lot of capital in the beginning, which in the case of physical casinos can be an obstacle that cannot be overcome. It would seem that performing such an activity can be difficult and challenging. It turns out that no, if we follow several rules of doing this form of business.

The online casino industry in Eastern Europe has been developing faster and faster in recent years, bringing huge profits to its owners. To launch such a solution, knowledge in the field of computer science and programming is needed, taking into account this need, iTizzi Software Development Company, a professional provider of software for online casinos, creates solutions in the development, creation and maintenance of complex web services, web systems and custom portals … On their basis, he can create a virtual platform for gambling, thanks to which the entrepreneur will make a profit. Platforms with a wide range of possibilities, creating your own casino website is widely used today. The developers and programmers of iTizzi will allow the user to quickly and efficiently go through the entire process of creating a website and, after fulfilling other conditions and formalities, immediately start regular activities.

Step by step online casino setup

To quickly, successfully and efficiently go through the entire process of launching an online casino, it is worth following the list of the next steps in this process. This can be said to be a kind of “road map” for creating your own casino.

Step 1. Business plan

This is the first step not only for the casino, but for any other activity. The business plan should include all aspects of the planned activity and include all, even seemingly frivolous, ideas for its further development and management system. Such a plan should also include a list of various strategies for dealing with potential difficulties, which tend to manifest themselves at the most unexpected moment.

Step 2. Location for business – Lviv, Dnipro, Kiev

Not every country and not all places in the world are suitable for registering a legally operating casino. In many countries, there are restrictive rules that prohibit entrepreneurs from starting such activities. Therefore, if you do not want to come into conflict with the law from the very beginning, you should, of course, choose a country where online gambling is allowed. The next step is to obtain a license, thanks to which, after registration, we will be able to act legally and in accordance with the regulations.

Step 3. Choosing software for online casinos

ITizzi, in the online gambling industry, offers its programming services and full technical support needed to create and operate an online casino. These include things like the casino interface, client download version, Flash version, and game selection.

Step 4. Selecting payment methods

For a casino to function effectively, it must of course have an integrated deposit and withdrawal system. At the stage of creating your website, you must specify the desired, supported payment methods. Most often, transfers and payment cards are used. Operators of fast payments often appear. It should be noted that the more methods we implement, the more players will be able to choose our casino.

Step 5. Final. Creating a suitable advertising strategy

Creating an effective and attractive promotion and advertising strategy is the finishing touch to the entire online casino creation process. It is through advertising that our new young casino will be in the spotlight and attract a group of loyal users.