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You also don’t know how it will be perceived by the market. The design of the final product must be preceded by a prototype or MVP. That way, you will have something tangible, which will give you valuable feedback from users and possibly save more money to change the concept. Creating an innovative solution, product, startup is not an easy way, but a search, input and often going back a few steps. Be open and flexible until you have clear indications that your business concept is working.

Product definition

It is very important to be able to correctly define your product and clearly define what value it offers. At this stage, we recommend that you write down the most important assumptions about the product, such as brief description, value, key characteristics. Please note that product value is the most important element. This is the core of your product and you cannot lose it. Subsequent aspects of the product should be planned with value in mind – after all, it will be the final product subordinate to it. When the meaning is well-defined, the rest of the components will be much easier to design.

Ask yourself a few basic questions:

The above points are the basis of the business analysis of the planned product, and they should be carefully considered. It is worth writing down all the answers and any additional thoughts.

Technical check

In the case of the development, creation and launch of technological startups in Ukraine, an equally important element is to check whether the planned product is generally within the reach of modern technologies. This type of feasibility study can be discussed in a short conversation with an iTizzi engineer in Vinnytsia, Odesa, Dnipro, but a longer analysis may also be required. In the case of 100% software solutions, this is usually easier. The first stage of production can be an in-depth analysis, sometimes supported by the creation of a simple prototype system serving as a proof of concept.

Modern or stable?

When we think about implementing a modern solution, we often think of implementing it using the latest available technologies. And although, of course, there are situations when there are good reasons for such a decision, it is also worth remembering about possible problems.

First, the most modern programming languages, platforms, or frameworks are often not too mature yet. This means that they have not the best documentation and a small ecosystem in the form of ready-made libraries, modules, or tools that support the production process. Moreover, they are subject to frequent changes, which may require frequent updates and affect maintenance costs.

On the other hand, there are very mature technologies with a long history and a large library base. But there are also some dangers here. Some technologies are still functional only because many of the systems currently in use have been developed with them, but in principle, new ones are not being created. The outflow of programmers is clearly noticeable, who are more interested in newer solutions, which are often more pleasant to use and give great prospects for working on interesting projects.

Fast or flexible?

Another criterion to consider is what is sometimes referred to as “lightness” or “flexibility” in a programming language. It is a feature that makes some languages ​​develop solutions faster than others. This property is extremely important for startups because they must consider the need to redesign their product, conceptual changes, and respond to the opinions of early adopters.

Technologies that are often opposed are slightly more “heavy” (ie slower to build), but offer greater efficiency and speed.

Rely on the professionals of iTizzi Software Development Company in Ukraine – Lviv, Kiev

It is clear that you may have concerns and doubts about the choice of technology. After all, no one wants to bury a project because of one bad decision. So, if you don’t have any technical experience, it is best to rely on iTizzi experts for this topic.

The creation of a tech startup, the product is a very difficult event for which you need to prepare well in advance. If you want to know how to bring a product to market and how to launch a tech startup, we invite you to cooperate.