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In many cases, this became possible thanks to previous investments in IT infrastructure and cooperation with external companies such as iTizzi Software Development Company, which are responsible for outsourcing IT services, developers for companies and corporations in Ukraine – Dnipro, Lviv, Kyiv.

IT outsourcing before COVID-19 – saving money and improving quality

In recent years, there has been a dynamic development of companies working in the field of IT outsourcing. This situation arose due to the interest of entrepreneurs both in new technologies and in the outsourcing services market. What were the main reasons why companies decided to outsource IT before the COVID-19 pandemic?

In 2014, clients of outsourcing service providers cited cost savings as the top reason for using IT outsourcing. Thanks to IT outsourcing, they were able to optimize infrastructure maintenance costs and at the same time use company resources to achieve other goals. The savings from cooperation with an external organization providing professional IT support are great – the maintenance of the IT department and the involvement of specialists requires a large capital investment. In addition to potential savings, respondents cited improved quality while minimizing the time spent on this part of the business.

In 2016, respondents using IT outsourcing continued to point to low costs as a key reason for using IT outsourcing.

A new look at IT outsourcing during a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the perception of IT outsourcing. For many companies, thanks to the collaboration with external partners and the availability of the appropriate IT infrastructure, we’re able to react immediately and switch to the home office. For many companies, back-office outsourcing meant immediate IT assistance and thus ensured that employees could safely carry out their professional duties from home.

Will the pandemic change the approach to external partners offering IT outsourcing?

The first changes are already visible – this is evidenced by the findings contained in the report of the Global Sourcing Association UK. The coronavirus lockdown has forced companies to focus on adapting jobs to work remotely, experts said. In order to be able to implement this and at the same time be sure that it will be performed without interruptions, the price of the service will play a lesser role than before – companies will begin to appreciate the high quality and the ability to use know-how by IT specialists.

According to experts, companies using external IT services will begin to diversify their suppliers. Instead of relying on one company, they will increasingly focus on specialization during the partner selection phase. Thus, they will provide access to experts from various fields and, as a result, will be able to compete for clients with other organizations in their industry even more effectively than before. The above trend forecasted in the IT outsourcing services market in 2020 (and in subsequent years) will mainly refer to medium and large enterprises. They have the greatest needs and at the same time, they have the necessary financial resources.

IT outsourcing is a proven solution (not only) during lockdown

One of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is massive cost cuts, most often not bypassing the HR department. Many companies are forced to cut employment and save. Outsourcing (not only in the field of IT services) turns out to be a profitable solution in a crisis. On the one hand, it independently replaces the creation and maintenance of expensive infrastructure, and on the other hand, it provides access to specialists specializing in, for example, cybersecurity.

The coronavirus has highlighted the challenges companies face in terms of inadequate cybersecurity preparation.

According to the consulting company Ernst & Young, 79 percent of companies surveyed confirmed that their organizations are not adapted to work in crisis situations. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has brought new threats to the map of existing ones. The support of external IT professionals creates a sense of security.

In the case of outsourcing IT services, it is also important that employees of the service provider – iTizzi and recipients – can communicate remotely. This solution proved to be excellent in the months of the special sanitary regime when it was recommended to limit personal contacts to the necessary minimum.

Employees can report any issues remotely using dedicated support. Because disruptions are resolved remotely, IT maintenance personnel do not need to visit the company in person. This saves a lot of time.

IT outsourcing of iTizzi – Vinnytsia, Odesa – an offer tailored to the needs of an entrepreneur

The benefits of IT outsourcing are recognized by an increasing number of entrepreneurs, which, in particular, is the result of changes in the organization of work and the functioning of companies in the market caused by the coronavirus pandemic.