Have an idea for a mobile app, but where to start? Creation of mobile applications for IOS and Android at iTizzi


The importance of mobile applications in Eastern Europe is growing every year, generating promising revenues. Unsurprisingly, new and old brands alike see the possibility of building their own apps as a necessity. The average smartphone owner in Ukraine uses 30 different applications every month. If we offer the right product, we can become an important part of our customers’ lives.

What is a mobile startup? A startup is a special business model. Its main assumption is scalability – startups are created in order to grow rapidly and become influential entrepreneurs in the market. The success of a mobile startup is based on the creation of a mobile application for IOS and Android, React JS.

How to choose a mobile app development strategy for a startup?

An idea alone is not enough to start a business and succeed in app stores. Did you know that 95% of startups fail early in the business? Success stories lead us to believe that starting this type of company is not difficult at all. We’ve all heard of startups that hit the billion-dollar. Becoming a member of this exclusive club is not a matter of luck, but an idea backed by a good plan and proven by the market. Therefore, iTizzi Software Development Company offers its services for the development of mobile applications to order in various cities of Ukraine: in Vinnytsia, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv.

Most unsuccessful startups made one fundamental mistake – they went straight to the application development stage. Without going into the process of determining whether the problem we want to solve really exists in the market and needs to be solved. Lack of a reliable value proposition means failure because then we don’t know our market, target group, and mission.

Choosing a platform for developing a mobile application: Android or iOS

When you know what your goal is and how you want to achieve it, when the application is thought out to the smallest detail, only because of this it can become the perfect solution for your potential customers. It’s time to hire the iTizzi web and mobile app development team in Kyiv to bring your ideas to life. Web applications will help you reach a wider audience. In addition, some products require a web application or website to provide users with a better brand experience and make it easier to use the service.

In any case, the choice of the platform for which we will create our application depends on several factors. Google Play and the Apple App Store are two important sources of customers. Building a custom mobile app for both of them might seem like the best solution, but it isn’t always the case. For example, the United States is dominated by iOS devices, so if your product is targeting that market, investing in an Android app might not be profitable. This varies from country to country in Europe, so it makes sense to do the in-depth market research we talked about earlier. It’s important to know the potential audience you want to reach. App development for Android and iOS are different processes. Cross-platform development can be especially useful when we want to create apps for Google Play and the App Store using the same code – it shortens the process and gets a little cheaper. Native solutions are more expensive but offer more features and better performance.

Many factors influence the cost of creating a mobile application. Application type, number of features, the aforementioned technology (cross-platform or native), scalability, and, of course, the client’s budget and the expected launch date of the product.

By hiring mobile application developers from iTizzi Software Development Company (Ukraine and Eastern Europe), you are hiring a software house with experience and knowledge of startups. Our company knows very well how to turn an application idea into a real product. As an experienced developer of mobile applications, we fully guarantee a high-quality result!