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We take care of your product

For early stage startups, we create a product vision and strategy, help raise funds and develop a product from start to finish.

Scaling startups is part of our DNA

For growing companies looking to scale, we provide multidisciplinary teams with hands-on product development experience.

Looking for a comprehensive software development provider for a startup in Eastern Europe? Build great design mobile, web and cloud products with one partner – iTizzi Custom Software Development Company!

Our recent startup solutions include:

Our software development services include, but are not limited to:

No matter what stage you are in, we will provide you with quality software. Our services can help you at all stages of product development.

Turn your product idea into an effective strategy and high-level action plan.

We pay the utmost attention to UX / UI to make it the hallmark of your product.

Develop beautifully designed apps that impact the customer and help you achieve your business goals.

Outsmart your competitors with innovative web applications.

Conquer the market with software that users have been missing.

Build reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure solutions.

Make sure your business is always running proven SRE / DevOps solutions.

Build promising digital products based on our well-known blockchain technology.

Conquer the market with your innovative product for the fast-growing e-commerce sector.

Get the support of the best software development partner for your startup – iTizzi Custom Software Development Company in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnytsia and Eastern Europe

5 best blockchain platforms to launch your startup project (and token)

Interest in blockchain technology and blockchain projects is growing rapidly and is being presented as the next revolutionary solution to optimize supply chains, improve product traceability, simplify trade and improve the efficiency of financial transactions. Much of this interest stems from investment trends related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Although Bitcoin is an older blockchain platform that faces many challenges, for example: the speed of transactions with energy consumption by younger platforms such as Ethereum, Cardano, XRP, which were developed to help overcome these limitations and provide practical value for other businesses -applications and applications. In recent years, we have seen many interesting solutions deployed such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, EOS. Startup founders now have a variety of options to choose from before they start developing their software project with their chosen blockchain development partner. However, each of the blockchains offers specific features and potential.

Best software – CRM for startups – Kiev, Lviv

A CRM system is software designed to manage customer relationships, gain insight into business processes, and facilitate collaboration within your team. Startups need automation tools to help them get the most out of every penny. CRM development for startups allows you to keep track of all your potential customers. When used correctly, CRM for startups allows you to fully understand the progress and results of your sales team. CRM can help your startup avoid the constant problem of poorly managed leads. A good startup CRM allows you to access any customer data wherever you are.

What is CRM for startups? It is an application that helps you increase the productivity of your business and improve the efforts of your sales representatives. Such software can be implemented in any business that has a sales process.

Which companies need CRM development for startups?

CRM for startups benefits:

CRM development for a startup at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company:

Designed specifically for your unique processes and expectations.

Finding patterns and understanding large amounts of complex data.

Analytics, data management and modeling solutions for automated decision making.

The perfect combination of off-the-shelf products and customized solutions.

We will set up the necessary integrations with various third-party systems required for your own customer database process.

Development of an architecture for communication with clients based on the principles of individualization and variability.

Investment isometric vector illustration with men stay on bundles of banknotes and watch for starting rocket symbolizing beginning of new business project

How to get started and order CRM for startups?

You don’t need to implement a CRM system for the whole company at once. There will always be skeptics who will try to convince you that this will not work, and the current processes are already working well enough. People are always against something innovative. However, it is better to form a new CRM system. iTizzi Custom Software Development Company will create professional software that is most suitable for your company and after a while you will get an obvious result of increasing productivity, then skeptics will have nothing to argue.

Why does every tech startup need a dedicated software development team?

As experienced partners who have successfully worked with technology startups, we always say: business strategy comes first! This is the most important thing you should take care of when creating your own digital product. But once you manage to work that out, sooner or later you will need a dedicated software development team to implement your strategy.

Own IT department or external vendor?

Especially for startups that have received initial funding, there is a great temptation to immediately start building their internal team. This is a mistake, because, firstly, you, as a founder, will not have time for this – you will spend it on fundraising. Team building, meanwhile, is an ongoing and lengthy process that requires finding the right candidates, going through a hiring process (which does not always guarantee success), and then providing them with the necessary resources to work. The team also needs time to integrate, develop common processes, and learn how to work together effectively.

Of course, there are many benefits to having your own team, but you should get started with a quick product development first. By doing so, you will prove to investors that you can effectively fulfill your goals. This is why you should choose an external vendor in the first place with dedicated and experienced software development teams that are right for you.

By outsourcing software development to startups, entrepreneurs avoid the worry of choosing the right technology, spend nights and days coding, then testing, and so on. With a team of start-up developers, an entrepreneur can focus on developing decent marketing strategies, finding investors, or coming up with ingenious new ideas. Valuable time is wasted growing a valuable business. Too often stakeholders have a great concept but need technical implementation assistance as technical execution often remains an unbearable burden.

How to choose a software development team for a startup in Eastern Europe that suits your needs?

As we all know, not all software development teams are created equal. You can compare them with hotels – some can be one-star, others five-star. Therefore, when choosing a team to develop your dream product, pay attention to the following points at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company:

Team size

Some companies will promise you to make a complete product with all plans for the future, but with less important features. In our opinion, choosing such a provider is risky, because you will pay for a large team that will spend a lot of time creating a wide version of the product, which can turn into disaster. Simply put. For us, a proven way to develop a product from scratch is to build an MVP version and launch it ASAP. This way, you don’t need a large software development team in the beginning. Instead, you need a software development team of the people you really need to develop.

The team is dedicated to their work

Many factors affect the effectiveness of a team. These include, for example, developed processes, flexibility and the ability to develop software according to the Scrum methodology. The problem is that it is difficult to verify this before the start of cooperation. One thing is clear: the most effective teams are those who exclusively focus on your product. We are completely focused on this, and we do not need to switch between projects and take more responsibility for the finished software.

How about a team focused on the end product and business strategy rather than the software itself?

Many startups are looking for a software development team. Meanwhile, a product is not just software. To develop it, you will also need people with a broad understanding of design (for example, UX / UI specialists), testers, DevOps, or the already mentioned product owner. It is best if one provider – iTizzi Custom Software Development Company can provide you with all these competencies. That’s why at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company we call our teams: multidisciplinary, dedicated product development teams. These are teams that can build your dream product from scratch while taking care of the business goals of a startup.

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