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What is Machine Learning Development?

Machine learning is a set of artificial intelligence techniques that gives web and mobile apps the ability to learn, adapt, and improve over time. To do this, it processes huge amounts of data, identifies trends and patterns in them, most of which are not obvious to humans, and then makes decisions and takes actions to achieve specific goals.

Why do you need machine learning for a startup, company?

Machine learning solutions open up many new possibilities for your business. You can use machine learning models to personalize customer interactions, automate processes, gain deeper insights with advanced analytics, and deploy digital solutions that will change the way customers interact with your product. Machine learning is widely used to solve business problems, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Machine learning algorithms can be used in applications in almost any industry or sector – from e-commerce to finance, from healthcare to education, and from cybersecurity to charitable services.

What are the best use cases for machine learning?

Machine learning solutions are used in a variety of business areas – both B2B and B2C companies can benefit from this.

Amazon uses a machine learning recommendation engine that drives 35% of its total sales. Thanks to AI-Bot, Harry AXA saves about 17,000 man-hours per year. At the same time, Vodafone saw a 68% improvement in customer satisfaction after implementing its machine learning chatbot.

American Express and PayPal use machine learning models to quickly analyze millions of transactions and data points, giving them real-time fraud detection capabilities. These advanced digital tools enable customers to resolve suspicious transaction issues almost instantly.

Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles were able to identify cancer cells with more than 95% accuracy after equipping a special microscope with machine learning algorithms.

Where can machine learning solutions be used?

Machine learning models are used across a variety of industries. Companies are using models to improve productivity through process automation, predictive analytics and anomaly detection, among many other use cases. For example, e-commerce and marketing use machine learning algorithms for their recommendation systems to improve the customer experience. Hedge funds use machine learning tools to predict stock prices, and insurance companies use advanced techniques to calculate risk more accurately. Banks and other financial institutions can detect suspicious transactions using fraud detection models. Healthcare companies are using digital tools and deep learning approaches to diagnose disease based on a set of symptoms.

Is Machine Learning Services Right For Your Business?

Machine learning projects are often high-risk projects due to their complex data dependency. This is why leading machine learning service companies conduct feasibility studies to mitigate risk before participating in a project. In this way, we ensure that sufficient data is available and that the predicted results are in line with the project’s objectives.

At your service are ITizzi Custom Software Development Company specialists in machine learning and AI development in Kiev and Odessa. We continuously invest in the development of new digital technologies and test solutions in our R&D department, sharing our experience and knowledge both in expert blogs and at various industry conferences. Our team has provided machine learning services on a variety of projects, including many end-to-end projects.

Get ahead of the competition with the development of machine learning solutions – iTizzi Custom Software Development Company, in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia and Eastern Europe

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Machine Learning Apps

The use of machine learning in business is growing rapidly. Smart companies are leveraging the value of their data in machine learning models to cut costs, streamline processes, and increase customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Can Change Industries – Machine learning algorithms can be used in applications in virtually every sector, from e-commerce to finance, from healthcare to education, and from cybersecurity to philanthropy.

! Netflix saves $ 1 billion annually thanks to machine learning algorithms. Engaging subscribers with customized content. Netflix’s recommendation engine uses dozens of algorithms to compare viewers’ preferences with similar customers around the world. This capability allows the company to engage its subscribers with customized content and increase loyalty to its services.

Machine learning can be used in almost any sector or industry.

It can support your business in many ways:

75% of businesses using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools improve customer satisfaction by more than 10%.

Development of a machine learning project for companies in Kharkov, Dnipro should not be difficult – we will help you choose the right solution

There are many machine learning solutions that can be tailored to suit different business needs. To ensure you get the most out of your project, our data science experts will select the best approach for the specific needs of your business and your market.

Prepare your data to make the most of AI algorithms.

Get important ideas for improving your product or service.

Create a personalized experience for each user with an accurate recommendation system.

Create natural interactions with users and recognize patterns in unstructured data.

Automate complex image-based decision making processes.

Identifying patterns in audio data that enable voice communication using a range of devices.

A reliable process is our key advantage

Over the years, our team has tested and implemented a transparent and efficient workflow for machine learning projects. Our processes enable our customers to achieve more reproducible results faster and more flexible.

Our workflow consists of three stages:

We guarantee that we have everything the model will need during training.

We create a model capable of making predictions.

The model is integrated into your application.

Machine learning development services: all your questions answered

Not sure how machine learning services can benefit your business? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

How do you estimate the cost of developing a machine learning project?

It can be difficult to give a rough figure for machine learning solutions. The evaluation of your project depends on many factors, such as the tasks your company is trying to solve, which solutions, software or artificial intelligence tools are best for your company, what are your expectations in terms of accuracy, suitability of your data, and more.

For a more accurate answer, contact us and one of our experts will guide you about suitable machine learning services and provide an estimate based on an analysis of your exact requirements.

What machine learning services does iTizzi Custom Software Development Company offer – Vinnytsia, Kiev?

iTizzi Custom Software Development Company offers a variety of services, from data collection strategy to building a scalable machine learning infrastructure.

When should a business use machine learning?

Machine learning applications can attract more customers, provide more insight, increase sales, and reduce business costs. However, if misused, they can lead to customer churn, loss of money, and damage to reputation.

Data is the key to success in machine learning and deep learning applications. In traditional software development, humans create computer systems, and machines simply follow these pre-programmed rules. Thus, the most important part of the application is the internal algorithm.

There are hundreds of business applications for machine learning solutions. In general, they solve several types of problems. The main ones are:

Classification: is this credit card transaction fraudulent? Is it spam or not? Machine learning tools are great when you need to split objects (like customers or products) into two or more predefined groups.

Clustering: Machine learning models are used to find parallels between data points and divide objects into similar groups (clusters). It is important to note that there is no need to define groups in advance.

Regression: This is like predicting the future. Based on input from a dataset (usually historical data plus other factors), machine learning models estimate the most likely numerical value of a given quantity. This could be anything like stock prices, consumer behavior, or equipment wear and tear.

Dimensional reduction: In an ocean of information, machine learning tools can choose which data is most important and how it can be summarized. In practice, it is used in areas such as photo processing and text analysis.

Developing machine learning solutions presents many new opportunities for enterprises. Machine learning models help you find patterns in the chaos of large datasets. This is worth considering when you have a complex problem to solve or when you are dealing with a large amount of data and many variables.

Get ahead of the competition with the development of machine learning solutions – iTizzi Custom Software Development Company, in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia and Eastern Europe

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