Gamification – how do game mechanics affect managers and employees? Development of web platforms and sites in Ukraine


What is gamification?

By creating online gamification for the development of people in companies, we create a platform that looks like a game, has a plot and game mechanisms: points, ratings, a progress indicator. However, the goal is not to play, but to form a commitment to certain behaviors, for example, the habit of regular and effective development, learning.

Game mechanisms used in the development of the gamification platform:

The most classic and powerful elements from the game world that will be familiar to anyone who has ever played games are points, leaderboards and a progress bar. Specific TRIO of gamification mechanisms. Other very interesting elements:

Game mechanisms shape activity. Often platforms, software services for gamification are used in a company / organization. As individuals, we have virtually limitless possibilities for digital solutions with games in the background. Thus, with a smartphone in our pocket and access to the Internet, we can gamify our education, form healthy eating habits, create social networks and exercise regularly. The interest in games as applications surpasses all other areas.

Almost 25% of all downloaded applications in the world are games

And only in second place are applications serving business (less than 10%) and used in education (less than 9%). This is why we are intuitively drawn to more than just time-wasting games. We see them as an opportunity that combines a clear purpose, autonomy in action and the ability to acquire personal mastery. We can gamify our education, shape healthy eating habits, create social media, and exercise regularly.

At the same time, what in our day-to-day life drives us to change, what motivates decision-makers in companies to implement gamification?

Not every organization or HR department will want and be able to manage the delicate process of implementing an effective gamification platform. It’s not just about IT solutions. There are several key areas for successful implementation of digital gamification solutions in business.

Best mix: gamification for business expectations

A platform for gamification is the application of mechanisms from the world of games in areas that have not yet been associated with games. Education, development, business, daily habits, waste sorting. The specific mechanisms that drive this extraordinary player engagement may be at the heart of training employees, salespeople to sell, and children to brush their teeth.

Based on our experience in implementing gamification solutions, we can highlight the following areas as key:

Direction 1. Quality of IT solutions – online platform, mobile version, web version or application

The use of computers and mobile devices is of course a good decision because they are the backbone of online development. These are microlearning (the exchange of knowledge in the form of small portions, entered with the appropriate frequency) and mobile learning (learning using mobile devices, mainly smartphones).

Direction 2. Effectively selected motivation mechanisms

A well-structured gamification project builds on an increasing level of problem complexity, allowing you to maintain user participation in the flow state. They should not be, as in a good game, too easy (tire the participant) and too difficult (because they are frustrating). Likewise, rewards are one of the most sensitive areas of gamification.

Area 3. Skillful maintenance of a competitive spirit

How much can you “enhance” gamification through competition? Do we compete on an individual level or as departments / regions? Is the rating considered fair? These questions are critical in the development of a project if we want to use and manage elements of competition between players.

There are many reasons why companies should love gamification as much as people love games. In an era of continuous challenges for business: a decrease in commitment, a decrease in attention, gamification is becoming a good solution that provides many opportunities for the development of the organization. Thanks to existing and proven implementations, these are not empty promises. Gamification is what business is most counting on. Develop a platform for corporate training, create a web-based gamification service for smartphones and PCs at a software development company – iTizzi, Kiev. We are located in Ukraine (Odessa, Dnipro, Lvov, Vinnitsa), but we cooperate with customers from various fields and companies from all over the world.