FinTech software development in Ukraine – iTizzi Kyiv, Odesa, Ukraine


The FinTech sector is a response to dynamic changes in the financial market and constantly growing customer expectations, serving as a kind of bridge between technology and finance. Software companies that provide suitable solutions to companies in the FinTech industry have contributed to building a new world of finance. We will try to present all the most important information about the field of software development and FinTech, based on our own experience.

FinTech or financial technology is a sector that combines financial and technological solutions using the Internet to speed up and improve processes, improve security and reduce costs.

Compared to traditional financial institutions, FinTech companies are miniature enterprises – they do not need extensive infrastructure because they operate on the network, they do not hire many employees, which they replace with appropriate IT solutions, thanks to which their services can be cheaper and accessible without interruptions. All over the world, the FinTech sector is developing very dynamically. Central and Eastern Europe is one of the largest FinTech centers.

FinTech software development in Ukraine is solutions for the FinTech industry developed by software developers – companies that provide their clients with specialized programming services. The solutions offered by software developers are of high quality and can be tailored to the specific requirements of the client. When designing, these companies usually use modern methods of work (for example, Agile, Scrum), which are primarily based on the fact that all activities are divided into smaller stages, and individual elements of the project are regularly presented to the client. ITizzi software company, which develops solutions for the FinTech industry, differs from other software companies in that its employees have a good knowledge and understanding of both the technology and financial industries.


Automation and robotization of business processes is a solution that can significantly increase the efficiency of an enterprise. The use of these methods significantly reduces administrative costs (even by 50%), and also improves the quality and speed of operations. Even the best employee in the company cannot match the speed and accuracy of systems developed by software developers. It is also important that these systems are easily adaptable to current changes, for example, to legal regulations.

Big Data and Machine Learning

In business, data is of great value, and the processes based on it are used in many areas of human activity. The term “big data” refers to huge amounts of data that cannot be processed using traditional methods. Machine learning technology using advanced algorithms leverages big data to generate valuable information.

The use of machine learning technology helps you achieve better business results by allowing machine learning algorithms to automate actions, execute accurate plans and predictions, and make quick decisions.


The verifiable and transparent source of information about transactions, which is the blockchain – a distributed ledger of transactions performed on a given network that all its users have access to – is the ideal solution for the financial sector. Companies developing this technology have invested, among others, American Express, Visa or MasterCard. In 2016, the volume of investments in blockchain solutions exceeded USD 1 billion.

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