Do you want but don’t know how to use mobile apps to promote your business? Order a consultation at iTizzi Software Development Company!


Since the first iPhone appeared in 2006, more and more companies in Ukraine have decided to create their own mobile application for their customers. The trend in the market is for the mobile application to be the same standard as the website today. The mobile application helps potential and existing customers to interact more actively with the company, facilitates the use of services, and creates new sales and communication channels. iTizzi Software Development Company provides an opportunity to order the development of a mobile application based on many years of experience in creating them for iOS and Android in Kyiv, Odesa, and Lviv.

What are the possibilities of using mobile applications created with iTizzi?

How is it possible to achieve all these effects? The answer is simple – most of your customers have smartphones and, unlike computers, they have access to them almost 24 hours a day. We develop and produce customized mobile applications for iOS and Android devices and in Vinnytsia. We usually use cloud computing technology in our solutions. We integrate mobile solutions with other end-to-end IT solutions. We deal with the entire process of developing and implementing applications – from collecting requirements and creating a business and technical concept to implementing and maintaining the final product. Regardless of the industry, city and business – everyone can benefit from the introduction of a mobile application.

What are the benefits of creating and maintaining mobile applications at iTizzi Software Development Company?

Designing and developing mobile applications in Eastern Europe – how does it work? Together with us, you can develop and implement a mobile application for your customers, which you will place on Google Play, AppStore or Windows Store. Your customers will be able to download it from the chosen store and install it on their phones.

We develop mobile apps for the most popular operating systems: Android and iOS, React JS.

Let us know if you are interested in building your own mobile app. We are happy to meet and discuss your expectations. And then let’s get started on the project – define your goals, prepare graphic designs and imagine what the application will look like. In addition, we will prepare a BETA version that you can test without restrictions, and after the final approval, your application will be able to conquer the mobile world!