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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a modern approach to the software development process. Assumes close collaboration between development (Dev), QA and support (Ops). The main goal of this approach is to create and optimize software development processes to achieve the highest possible level of performance while maintaining high quality and stability of work.

DevOps process

DevOps covers all elements of the software lifecycle and the continuous integration and deployment process. The DevOps process can be broken down into eight phases:

  1. Scheduling – managing tasks and creating a schedule for their implementation.
  2. Writing an application – programming and code review.
  3. Build – Build your application with continuous integration and version control.
  4. Testing – testing performance, validity and risks using continuous testing tools.
  5. Publishing – change management, version control and automation of the publishing process.
  6. Deployment – Implementing an application in specific environments.
  7. Service – all actions related to the preparation, configuration and maintenance of the infrastructure of the solution being created, including its security, data management and backups.
  8. Monitoring – monitoring performance, application performance, errors, UX analysis.


The DevOps approach covers many aspects of software development, including continuous integration and continuous delivery. CI / CD is a method of continually delivering validated fixes to your code to keep your application running smoothly. CI describes a process for developers to make small changes that are periodically tested. On the other hand, the CD includes a process for automating the implementation of both the application itself and the patches delivered to all supported environments.

DevOps in the cloud

Cloud solutions are a DevOps automation platform for testing, deploying, and developing applications. The cloud allows you to centrally manage often distributed and complex processes. This allows DevOps engineers to scale and optimize the infrastructure as needed to keep the application running smoothly.

Improve process efficiency and quality of generated solutions with DevOps at iTizzi Software Development Company

The goal of DevOps is to automate the implementation processes of the created IT solution at all stages of its creation. From software development, quality assurance to maintenance and IT infrastructure development.

iTizzi offers DevOps services in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, based on engineering competence, experience in automating software development processes and proven techniques such as continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI / CD), Agile and Scrum.

Devops advantages

The DevOps approach, together with the Agile principles used, enables faster software development and continuous delivery. This reduces the time to market the solutions created, which leads to a return on investment.

Understanding the mechanisms used in the development and administration of the infrastructure allows you to optimize all actions that affect the reliability of the operating environment.

The tools created by DevOps engineers allow you to quickly find and fix errors before the end user finds them.

With DevOps engineers, you can reduce costs associated with application downtime, software version control, or unused resources.

The continuous process of implementing, testing and monitoring software requires a high level of commitment from the team. Thanks to this approach, solutions are quickly provided that get better with each iteration.

DevOps improves the workflow between development, infrastructure, and business. This helps to eliminate silos and create proper collaboration, communication and integration.

DevOps Engineer Outsourcing – Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnytsia

iTizzi implements IT projects based on building development teams and DevOps engineering services.

Support for DevOps specialists from a software development company in Ukraine – iTizzi Software Development Company

Regardless of the stage in which you need support, our DevOps engineers and the teams built around them provide high-quality software development services. We implement software development projects by building independent teams in which DevOps engineers play an important role. Over the past several years, we have been able to develop effective strategies and methods that guarantee the expected results in the planned time frame. The DevOps services provided by iTizzi Software Development Company increase the chances of success regardless of the stage of the project.

As part of DevOps, we focus on areas that have a significant impact on improving software development processes:

Proven DevOps skills

iTizzi Software Development Company has been named DevOps Partner. The award is a confirmation of our competence in the field of:

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Service grid


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