Devops engineering services in Ukraine, Eastern Europe: advantages, implementation, definition of the service iTizzi Custom Software Development Company, Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia


Many believe that the history of DevOps goes back to the second half of the last century.  One can agree with this if we remember that the DevOps philosophy includes the details of such methodologies as Agile, Lean, The Toyota Way, and others.  It is thanks to the skillful combination of all these methodologies within the framework of a single DevOps paradigm that such an increase in the efficiency of business processes has been achieved.

 By combining technical operations, development, and testing, we have been able to turn our engineering DevOps services into a productive tool.  The result of this harmonization is a validation and balance system that focuses all its efforts on the provision and ongoing support of high quality, secure and fast software.

 Which companies are using DevOps?  Simply put, those who want to be successful.  These are not empty words, according to various studies, implementing DevOps practices helps companies increase the speed of all their processes by 41%.  In addition, about 38% of the companies surveyed said their DevOps approach helped them deliver better code.

 It’s hard to imagine that a cutting edge organization doesn’t have top-notch DevOps implementation and software support services.  When it comes to the software development industry, nothing can be achieved without DevOps operations embedded in the organization’s current software.  Every company adapts and implements DevOps operations because software is at the core of every organization.

 Systems and software development is becoming an economic engine and a strategic asset.  All tech giants like Amazon, Netflix and Google prioritize this.

 However, not everyone can grasp the concept and build a successful DevOps implementation.  This understanding is exactly what we are going to convey in this article so that you have a clear understanding of the DevOps services phenomenon.

Devops engineering services in Ukraine, Eastern Europe: advantages, implementation, definition of the service iTizzi Custom Software Development Company, Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia

 What is devops?

 The combination of operational methodology and software development is called DevOps, and it helps in the delivery of services and applications.  DevOps helps create real-time collaboration with constant and frequent communication that impacts the workflow of IT operations and development teams.  The DevOps approach is to organize the workflow so that multiple teams can work in a disciplined manner through the implementation of agile practices and planning, such as:

 The tech community uses a variety of terms to describe DevOps as it helps create a set of practices, philosophy, movement, and culture that operate using these tools.  It also helps improve and automate imperfect management techniques for complex systems.

 Regardless of how you look at it, DevOps is required because software development is a strategic asset in the global economy for businesses and organizations of all sizes.  The DevOps culture is borrowed from Lean and Agile principles, with more emphasis on quality and service.  This is why DevOps practitioners manage, deploy, test, build, operate, and design systems and applications to be more reliable and faster.  In this way, they manage to create more value for customers and create a controlled workflow in which products will prevail over people.

 How is the DevOps Project implemented?  DevOps implementation is carried out in several stages:

  1. Personnel training,
  2.  Implementing continuous integration and delivery,
  3.  Creation of conditions for continuous testing,
  4.  Continuous support and monitoring.

 What is the purpose of implementing DevOps?

 The main goal of DevOps implementation is to bring the best talent and best methodology together in one direction to ensure that the customer has a constant stream of delivery of a valuable and sophisticated product.

 What are the main benefits of DevOps?

 Implementing DevOps enables a business to achieve more efficient delivery of products and services in a shorter time frame and better align with the customer’s business logic.

 The DevOps journey begins by examining current pipelines and delivery procedures that clearly define the goals you want to include in your DevOps implementation plan.


 DevOps requires advanced planning to ensure performance.  Companies that implement DevOps without experimenting or testing usually fail.  The move to DevOps is not just about processes and tools, but about people as well.  The main challenge here is building a collaborative force of collaboration across departments, teams, and throughout the organization.  Without further ado, here’s a sample DevOps implementation.

 DevOps implementation plan:

 Align the various DevOps goals in your business.

 The first in our list of steps to implement DevOps.  When you transition to DevOps, you should focus on business valuation and move that to collaborative communication.  Otherwise, the transition will be incomplete.  The entire team is working towards a similar goal, and because DevOps has a transformative culture, it encourages you to have individual preferences that come with shared choices.

 There should be honest and frank interaction with all project participants, as this approach will bring success to the project.  Automation can help provide continuity in remote locations and communications.  Close collaboration brings a more empathetic culture that empowers operations to achieve coordination that yields results.

Prepare for a cultural shift.

 DevOps brings tools, processes, and people together in one place to help transform an organization into one.  The cultural shift brought about by this combination will become the core of DevOps.  It can change the culture of your company, making it one of the toughest challenges you could ever face.  You can do this by introducing new procedures and policies.  While you will be successful in the beginning, not being able to change your organizational culture means failing the overall DevOps proposal.

 Successful DevOps is an enterprise-wide movement that starts with top management and ends with employees.  You must ensure that all operations staff and developers understand the value that the organization has before you can bring them all together in one place.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to reward teams for outstanding customer service.

 Most enterprises ask developers to work on call so that they understand various operational issues.  However, most choose to accelerate the cultural shift with staff and developers who can inspire other team members.

Build a continuous delivery and integration platform.

 This is perhaps the most important factor in our example DevOps strategy.  Once everyone is aware of the changes in the company, you should shift your focus to a production environment for DevOps so you can plan the appropriate deployment.  This ensures that developers can focus on coordinated build and run approaches.  With this approach, every developer who creates a service or product “owns” the service or product that goes through production.  This “title” will last for a period as major errors are resolved prior to handover, or for the entire life of the service or product.

 To ensure success, the deployment pipeline must focus on continuous deployment, testing, development, and integration into one entity.  This is probably the main challenge in implementing DevOps.  Here’s how you can do it:

 Using specialization to simplify the deployment process.

 The operational part of the DevOps team will monitor the system performance and the application interface.  Sometimes he can ignore feedback that affects the collaboration aspect of DevOps.  Operators usually go through proof testing after coding without any feedback.  However, DevOps methodologies require integrating and coding tracked operations as an integral process in the deployment pipeline.  Smooth deployment is based on seamless communication.

 Speed ​​up the deployment pipeline

 DevOps team – Vinnytsia, Odessa will influence the management of releases, which are the final stage of production.  This requires a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the deployment pipeline, which means the reflection, production, and discussion cycles are intuitive.  Failure to achieve results means a breakdown in collaborative communication at all stages of the deployment pipeline.

Prioritize DevOps culture over DevOps tools.

 The final step in our DevOps implementation process.  DevOps processes and procedures require support, not leadership, and the entire process demonstrates that a culture is based on collaboration.  Communication feeds the project and brings it to a successful conclusion.



 By combining the operations and development departments, we have managed to create a single collective mind that has absorbed both years of experience and a fresh look at things.  We apply proven DevOps services and solutions to meet the goals of our clients around the world.


 During the development process, a lot of time is often spent waiting for the necessary resources to be delivered.  DevOps practices combined with an Agile approach allow us to significantly speed up the process of delivering and allocating resources and move quickly to the testing phase.


 By deploying frequent iterations and automating all available processes, the DevOps approach minimizes the impact of the human factor on the development process.  In this way, we, as developers and service providers of Devops, ensure a significant reduction in human error.

 STABLE AND Predictable Result

 A stable development environment and process is key to a successful and fast deployment.  The combination of factors that are at the heart of the DevOps approach allows us to expect predictable development outcomes and ensure a clear time frame.  This helps our clients stay ahead of the competition in all value dimensions.


 DevOps is the most versatile approach that can solve any software development and optimization problem.  We are ready to outsource DevOps services in Ukraine and offer you the most flexible options for cooperation.  In addition, our DevOps team is not a monolithic thing, but a structure that is always ready for transformation.  Therefore, we quickly change the size of the team in accordance with the changing requirements of our clients.


 To help you better understand what awaits your project in cooperation with our DevOps specialists, we have divided the entire process into several main stages.


 During the provision of our DevOps assessment services, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your product, its infrastructure, operations, architecture, security, and more. After that, clear and structured requirements and KPIs are formed, the progress of which will be monitored and constantly updated.  At this stage, all interested parties take part in the discussion.


 Based on the previous in-depth analysis of the existing system and discussion of requirements, our team prepares a proposal that will indicate all the details.  First of all, these are initial tips regarding the state of this or that element of your product.  They are also recommendations regarding the required number of specialists, budget and timing.


 Provided that all parties are satisfied with the conditions, plans and all previously agreed details, our DevOps team proceeds to fulfill the tasks set to optimize and automate existing processes and launch new ones.  As a Devops company, we take a look at the entire architecture, automate testing and work with databases, consider security measures, and even analyze your corporate culture.


 This is when our DevOps development services really come into play.  Throughout the work, our specialists will ensure smooth integration of all processes in a single repository.  In addition, testing and updating processes will be automated, which will help avoid most errors and prevent unnecessary events.  With all updates and new data going into production immediately, developers can get quicker feedback on any changes.  This will help them make the right decision and quickly spot any mistakes.


 At this point, your software works like a Swiss watch.  The last stage is the creation of parameters for tracking the operation of the product in order to receive reports as quickly as possible and respond in time to problems that have arisen.  As our DevOps experts automate the monitoring and reporting process, you can respond to any changes and security audit reports.

 Advantages from implementing devops

 DevOps brings fundamental and cultural change to any organization and brings many benefits.  You must choose this practice carefully to ensure the maximum benefit to your business.  The right DevOps plan will enable enterprises to quickly complete their tasks and reap the following benefits:

Devops engineering services in Ukraine, Eastern Europe: advantages, implementation, definition of the service iTizzi Custom Software Development Company, Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia



DevOps Consulting and software development is one of the key services that our company offers.  Devops Consulting is the process of selecting a small group of experts who will analyze your project, requirements and technical data to create a list of tips and improvements that can be applied without major changes to the code structure.  In this way, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company DevOps Consulting Services help our clients improve their IT processes immediately.

 As dedicated service providers, we truly believe that there is no obstacle in business that cannot be addressed together.  That is why we highlight DevOps consulting services as one of the fundamental directions in our company.  By bringing together professionals from different sectors and realizing a coherent whole of our common success, we optimize the software delivery process to the maximum value.

 Moving from standard software development to DevOps is challenging and requires an all-round business-wide change.  The key is to select the right people to develop DevOps services and processes and provide them with the best tools.  By following all the best practices, we will create a quality and proper product delivery pipeline that aligns with an outstanding DevOps implementation strategy.

 Try our devops consulting services to start software shipping and integration.